Fashion Means Style – The Outlook of Your Style Quotient

Fashion changes over time. Fashion has a great impact on our society. When we talk about fashion we must talk about style. So, this sentence could be perfect when we talk about fashion – ‘Fashion’ means, it’s your style. The impact of fashion is getting higher and higher every day, irrespective of the classes, and sections of the society. The majority of people, these days, are running after trendy products when the products hit their mind and psychologically injecting to use it, they buy them sans thinking the price and usability.

People sometimes understand the utility of fashion and sometimes not, but go for that. Often a particular fashion touches human lives when people feel crazy about it.

Today’s fashion industry is one of the biggest industries among others. This is the industry which generates billions and billions each year. If you want to know how fashion is changing our society and how people are getting crazy about fashionable things, you can Google. You will come to know how trendy, yet fashionable things, hundreds and thousands, even more, each day are coming in the market, and how people’s demand are changing each day. How people are using different types of fashionable things and how it is mixing in all cultures of the world.

Fashion has a long history. It did not come as we see. It came and spread in today’s society according to the needs and tastes of the people. Earlier, people only used those things that were the important and crying need to them, apart from those, they hardly knew and used to convey their tastes. Day-by-day their tastes and demands changed because they started communicating in different classes of people. They started travelling here and there and took the best things to boost their social life. Often they like others life-style and took something from them. They used them and their taste started changing. We are not talking about general people; we are talking about those who look for trendy things and look for fashionable things.


Your style quotient depends on the fashionable products you opt for, whatsoever the price you pay for those products. It should show something different in you, something unique and matchless. In a word, it should be WOW!

Fashion is everywhere. Today’s market is full of fashionable things, from clothes to shoes, from daily commodity to jewellery, from home products to gadgets, so on and so forth. These days, the changing trends of fashion mostly depend on the needs and tastes of the customers. The fashion industry not only changing their products what customers like but also changing to regulate the customers’ taste. It certainly has a socio-economical, as well as a psychological perspective.

The great number of people, young men and women, and even older people use many different fashionable things. They are liberal today. They know what they opt for. They know what they opt for suit them very much. They hardly think about the durability and price of the products. This is beyond doubt an important thing when we talk about fashion is changing, the impact of fashion in today’s world of modern society, and importantly when we talk about the socio-economic-psychological impact of consumer behaviour.

Last, but certainly not the least, a trend or fashion only hits in your mind, when you understand the worth of it, when you understand the usability and value for using it. It depends on your social system. It depends on your financial condition, and also how the trend or fashion hits in your mind and creating value for having it. It is changing every day and yet to be changed more……..

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