Top 10 Yoga Asana for Hikers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Yoga for Hikers

Yoga is a traditional Indian exercise. In this section, we are about to discuss yoga for hikers and tell you how to quickly recover after an epic trek. We will tell you easy but awesome should, foot, leg and ankle yoga postures for travelers.

Whether you are looking for a few easy and quick yoga postures that would help your muscles recover quickly from hiking, trekking, or just long walking, this yoga for hikers guide is for you.

By the time your friends or fellow hikers learn that TRAVEL AND TECH YOGA, they all the time ask you about the stretches to do after hiking. When your last trek, an epic BODY TORTURING 3-4 days hike up in a mountain, even your guide wanted to learn how to stretch away from his or her aches or pain. If you ask us, then we will tell you that yoga and travel can make perfect partners, so we have decided to tell you the yoga for hikers, because it is the high time to share our five most important, yet favorite hiking yoga postures. They will certainly help your body recover after an epic trek, and are equally useful after a day or two out seeing the sights.

These easy asanas or yoga for hikers is for beginners but they are also go-to stretches almost on a day to day basis. You may need any special equipment to support you, but you do not need any special place do these yogas for hikers. For example, you are going for a long trip, and you will do trekking, camping, hiking and traveling at the same time. This is really adventurous, but then you need rest, sleep and comfortable relaxation to rejuvenate yourself for the next day. In this situation, you can choose hammocks that can be one of the best things described as a type of comfy sleeping as well as relaxing material. This type of hammock can be used to fit between the trees or poles. Now come to the previous discussion. The yoga poses are:

  1. Pyramid Pose
  2. Seated Head to Knee Pose
  3. Hero Pose
  4. Dancer Pose
  5. Forward Pose
  6. Half Split Pose
  7. Reclining Figure Four Pose
  8. Wide-Legged Forward Fold Pose
  9. Butterfly Pose
  10. Toe and Foot Stretch Pose

These yoga postures have more and less same benefits, you can choose to practice 3-4 postures or if you find the time you can do all, one by one to get the benefits during your traveling, hiking or trekking time. These all yoga postures help you eliminate minor aches and pains and recover your muscles faster.

You can try them on a trial, outside your tent or even in the room you reside. Once you learn these poses, you will soon start feeling the advantageous or doing yoga while trekking or traveling at the same time.

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