6 Important Stages of Meditation Into Higher State of Awareness


Meditation is a system by which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of self consciousness. The history of meditation is intimately bound up with the religious context within which it was practiced. If we see the ancient times or the old civilizations of human being, there meditation generally used for worship of Gods which was different repetitive, rhythmic chants and offerings.

Meditation can be an effective tool or form of stress relief, relief from depression and anxiety and has the potentiality to improve quality of life. Meditation also helps us to decrease health related issues. It is also very beneficial for thoughtless awareness in which stress producing activity of our mind is neutralized.

We have discussed some important stages of mediation:

Sitting still: At the very first time is can be difficult to control the mind but we can try make to perfect the art of sitting still. Many people try hard with it, whether they live very frantic and or upset lives. Yet, for the purpose of meditation, we should keep our body absolutely still and relaxed for perfect length of time, it is one of the perfect states of meditation. Sitting Still is the forerunner of meditation.

Relaxation: The second thing is to relax the body and try to remind that we are now going to concentrate on our meditation. We need to keep apart all our tension, depression, anxiety or stress, only we need to focus on our meditation. Though, we can practice some Pranayama (Breathing Exercises) to reduce stress and tension.

Viewing of Thoughts: The third stage and one of the important stages of meditation is to observe the thoughts those are coming and going. We cannot stop them but we can keep apart from ourselves. We feel lots of thoughts in mind and we should realize these are external to us, then it would be easy to let go of them from our mind. Because all the powers are in our mind, we can accept or reject them.

Concentration of Mind: When we do concentrate we only focus on a single object at a time. Drift thoughts cannot enter in your mind, but thought can make obstacle our concentration.

Profound Meditation (Dhyan): It is a situation of meditation of the stages of meditation when our mind becomes motionless. No thoughts affect on your mind. In this situation we enter into an unblended state of consciousness and we hold ourselves fixed in mind. In this situation we feel immense peace and oneness.

State of Intense concentration through meditation (Samadhi): In the state of intense concentration or Samadhi we are totally bolt up in meditation. In this situation we are in deep meditation and we lose the sense of self and the external world. Our profound consciousness flooded with interminable peace. This experience is inexpressible.

The Great Poet Rumi (Jalal ad Din Muhammad Rumi), once said it is not possible to say in words or not possible to share the ecstatic consciousness, the stages of meditation are many, the poet can only share as much as a bee can carry a few drops of honey from a full jar.

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