How to Overcome Depression with Systematic Exercises

Workout for depression

Research found that exercise can prevent depression or helps people to overpower the situation. Research found that exercise has much positive effect to overcome or fight against depression. Nowadays depression is a common issue, suffering countless people around the world. Though, stress and depression may come from various sources, it can be socio-economical or so forth. The research evaluated that exercise can increase the capability to overcome depression with systematic exercises or stress in life.

The research has classified sixty individuals with diagnosed clinical depression into three individual groups, where two have engaged in two different types of exercises with a physiotherapist 2 times in a week for ten weeks, and the third group or the control group has not participated in any exercises. When the systematic exercise schedule is over people spoke how they felt from inside out. Some of them told they felt more lucid from mind and body and some of them expressed they are getting more power from inside to fight against depression.

In this study, people who participated in this systematic exercise only thought to increase their physical fitness, they also boost their mental health in a systematic manner. They have improved physical fitness clearly enhanced their mental health compared with the control group. Even though, participants who have been taught especially about their basal body awareness by physiotherapist, got success in reducing depression and stress. 

The study also showed that the participants who did systematic exercise on a regular basis felt that they got strength to work more at home, felt more active doing work and got power to fight against depression and stress, and also liked to engage more social contracts. This dissertation’s outcome supports other research which was done earlier on the antidepressant effects of systematic exercise. The research finally showed that systematic exercise can be utilized within the primary care in rehabilitation of individuals who are suffering from depression and stress.

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