How The Black Fungal Infection Can Turn Out To Be Deadly?

Back fungal infection in Covid Patients

Not just COVID itself, but there are diseases triggered by it as well. The entire world has been facing a devastating period of time since the onset of this pandemic which started around the last months in the year 2019. While India is fighting against the crippling second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical research and discovery has taken a new road with the spread of another deadly infection known as Mucormycosis. The medical professionals in Delhi have discovered a corona virus infection-triggered fungal disease among the COVID infected patients. Cases of Mucormycosis or Black Fungus have been beforehand recorded in most of the industrialized cities including Mumbai and Ahmadabad since late last year.

Doctors had shown their concerns over the boost in such cases in December 2020. In the current times, again this week has recorded as many as 12 cases within 15 days. One of the renowned senior ENT surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Dr. Manish Munjal has reported that the cases of these infected individuals are being registered in COVID-19 patients. 

What is black fungal infection?

To many people out there, this term is entirely new as yet not much has been spoken about it. In the recent times, alongside Corona Virus infection, the Black Fungal infection or Mucormycosis that has been another fret for the medical professionals in some cities, has also been the cause of death in patients who have undergone transplantation, and intensive care units (ICU) and immune compromised people even in the past. But with the passing time, the unusual disease has recorded an uptick among the recovering COVID-19 patients. 

Most of the people are completely unaware of the infection till today. However, also referred as Mucormycosis, it has shaken the concern for the medical personalities in the developed cities. Black fungus or Mucormycosis has been a cause of disease and fatality among patients undergoing transplants and also for those who are suffering from immune deficient diseases for a long time. But the recent outbreak of the deadly Corona virus has triggered the disease.

It has been reported that many patients who are infected with COVID are again getting infected by it. This odd but critical fungal infection is caused by a trigger of a group of moulds called mucormycetes. This infection causes a high mortality rate with a major number of cases suffering from partial or complete blindness and the removal of nose and jawbone. It has further raised the death cases all the year round for the patients who are suffering from this infection.

People with weaker immunities and co-morbidities such as diabetes are at a higher risk of getting this infection. Symptoms of Black Fungal Infection includes blockage of nostrils, nausea, vomiting, swelling of eyes, black discharges from the nose, bleeding, gastrointestinal infections, etc. medical experts highly recommend medical intervention to be followed immediately if such symptoms occur. Undergoing anti-fungal therapy and biopsy at the earliest are the main treatments of this disease. However, research is going on to deal with this infection and save lives of thousands of infected individuals with proper uses of medications at the global platform.

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