What Osho Said About The Benefits of Active Meditation

Osho Meditation

Meditation is an exercise or an application by which a person can trains his or her mind or influences the mode of awareness or often called consciousness to perceive some benefits. More clearly, it can be said that Meditation helps an individual to develop relaxation, life force, sympathy, patience, tolerance, magnanimity and forgiveness. The main aims of meditation require single pointy concentration, meaning an individual practice to love an unbreakable feeling of happiness in the time of engaging in any real life task.

Meditation and Osho

Osho a great name in India, first he was known as Chandra Mohan Jain, later on Known as Acharya Rajneesh, the period from 1960 onwards known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and in the time 1970s to 1980s became famous as ‘Osho’, a renowned Indian mystic, guru and a spiritual teacher, passed away in the year 1990 at the age of 58. Osho introduced meditation from both the perspective, practice and a state of consciousness to be continued in all concern, a complete consciousness a person from his or her sleep of retaliation controlled by faiths and reckoning. His got charismatic behaviors and matchless meditation techniques given to India a new edge. He was a quality thinker and speaker as well and wrote more than 500 books; more than 112 meditation techniques produced thousands of audios and videos for meditation techniques and other relevant teachings.


Osho’s Meditation Techniques

Osho demonstrated more than one hundred and twelve techniques for meditation. Most of the meditation techniques suggested by Osho are:

  1. Active Meditation
  2. Passive Meditation
  3. Dynamic Meditation
  4. Kundalini Meditation
  5. Nadabrahma Meditation
  6. Nataraj Meditation
  7. Devavani Meditation
  8. Gourishankar Meditation
  9. Mandala Meditation
  10. Whirling Meditation
  11. No-Dimensions Meditation
  12. Chakra Sounds Meditation
  13. Chakra Breathing Meditation

These meditations are featured by different steps of physical activities; most of the stages are mainly silent based. Among all of his meditation technique the active, dynamic and passive meditation techniques are well-known to all.


Osho’s Active Meditation Technique

This is one of the most popular meditation techniques develop by Osho. He believed sometimes the traditional methods may not very useful. This meditation technique is quite confusing than the traditional systematic one but this method is very helpful for your brain to make your concentration in a central point, more energy would be added with this method. This method will help you to push your center from your brain to your heart.

Osho’s Passive Meditation Technique

According to Osho a situation can come when you cannot able to apply active meditation techniques. There you should concentrate on two most effective and simple passive meditation techniques. There you need to follow some important methods such as, breath watching, in breath watching, watching the in breath gap, in the time of meditation, out breath watching, watching the out breath gap while you meditate, breathing counting, four categories of relaxation – body, mind, heart and the existence. While watching your breath you need to follow a method which you can do anywhere you feel comfortable, at any moment, any time you feel to do, and whether you have a minimum time at your hand then also you can do it. It is very easy to do, just you need to watch ups and downs of your belly or chest when and how the breath coming and going. Sit and close your eyes, keep your mind in a point, concentrate and begin to watch your breath.

Osho’s Dynamic Meditation Technique

The meditation conducted by Osho is speedy, exceptional and rigorous path to crack the old, very firm in patters in the mind and body which keep an individual captivated in the past and to learned the experience of freedom, the watching, and quiet and peaceful those are invisible behind those captive walls. At the first step of dynamic meditation is breathing exercise, the second step is called purification, the third step is called Hoo mantra, the fourth step is a state of listless and frozen, then your awareness will come up in the apex of your mind and at the last step is fifth stage, this is the step for celebration with joy and happiness whatever is there. You now can carry all your alertness with you all the day long.

Osho’s Kundalini Meditation Technique

This meditation technique helps you a lot for awakening the Kundalini. The name came from Kundalini Yoga. This is one of the best one meditation method by which you can melt a rock like in reality. When you are practicing Kundalini meditation, always allowing the shaking, be calm and stand quietly, feel it is coming and when you are feeling a bit shaking, help it properly, enjoy the heavenly joy and receive it. Always keep close your eyes and sit straight.

Osho’s Nadabrahma Meditation Technique

Nadabrahma is a vibrating meditation. With the help of this meditation, vibration and the movements of your hand starts in tuning and you will bring immense harmony and peace to your whole mind and body. When your mind and body comes in a parallel position you will be able to glide of their grip and will become the witness of both the being. It brings you peace, silence and heavenly joy.

Osho’s Nataraj Meditation Technique

All we know that Nataraj is the symbol of dance and energy. This is a meditation by which an individual can brings all the inner energy, ultra-fine it and relax with the awareness. When you start doing this meditation forget the dance and your ego, try to dance very profoundly that you completely forget yourself and start to feel that you are really in dance. This is a very good and healthy exercise, but it is not actually spiritual.

Osho’s Devavani Meditation Technique

This is one of the best meditations that continue for one hour and it has divided with four stages of fifteen minutes each of the part. First you should keep close your eyes and concentrate. In the meditation one kind and unknown language goes and talks from one side of meditator to other. The great meditation technique helps you to feel calm and relax than before and creates in your mind a profound inner peace. You can practice anytime in a day.

Osho’s Gourishankar Meditation Technique

The Gourishankar meditation continues for at least one hour and it is divided into four stages with 15 minutes of each stage. The breathing exercise is related with this meditation.  According to Osho whether breathing is done rightly then at the very first state of your meditation you feel so high like Gourishankar, when the carbon dioxide found in the blood flows would make your feel high.

Osho’s Mandala Meditation Technique

This Mandala meditation continues for one hour and classified into four important stages for 15 minutes of each stage. Each set carry a center point. At the first stage you will have to aim at the center through the formation of a set of energy and at the fourth stage you need to be relaxed.

Osho’s Whirling Meditation Technique

While practicing Whirling meditation most of the time people feel uncomfortable, but it is an ancient method of meditation and very forceful too. This meditation is so profound that each and every feeling will make you completely different. It is an ancient Sufi method of meditation. The meditation can be done on empty stomach, uncovered feet and wearing baggy clothes. This meditation lasts for at least one hour and classified into two stages with rotating and relaxing.

Osho’s No-Dimensions Meditation Technique

No-Dimensions meditation continues for one hour and is divided into three stages. At the first stage you eyes should be open; the second stage would be same like the first stage, at the third stage your eyes should be closed, when the meditation is ended when you will be able to hear three gongs. This meditation is also based on Sufi methods, though it has been developed further by Osho.

Osho’s Chakra Sounds Meditation Technique

In the meditation technique an individual learns some vocal sounds, helps to coordinate with the chakra and brings awareness. It will help you in bringing very profound, peaceful and deep silence in mind. You can listen any soothing music and feel the sound in you. The meditation can be done with the help of Osho Chakra Sounds Meditation Music that stipulates and energize you in various stages of meditation.

Osho’s Chakra Breathing Meditation Technique

This Chakra Breathing Meditation generally uses with very rapid and profound breathing with the body movement in opening and bringing the awareness, it helps you to vitalize the seven chakras and boost your life. This meditation is good if you do on empty stomach. This meditation is also done with the help of Osho Chakra Breathing Meditation Music that gives you energy and vitalize in every stages of meditation.

Once Osho said the nature becomes vibrant in the morning, the night has passed and again in the next morning when the Sun rises everything becomes lucid and awake. According to Osho with the help of meditation you will feel continuously lucid and awake, whatever the situation you face. Osho’s Meditation techniques can help you a lot. These methods of meditation help you to relax in every situation from your body, mind, heart and being. And finally, you will be able to bring the significant joy and magnificent peace. You will be in a complete heavenly joy and happiness. You can do it alone and can practice with others. Osho also developed several techniques for meditation, though some of the techniques are less energetic, but can include some good physical activities. Later on he has developed some meditative therapies that require a number of sessions. Like three hours of laughing exercise for three days,  three hours of weeping exercise for the second week, and the third week three hours of meditation for silence and peace.

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