Top 9 Yoga Asana For Bigger Breasts!

Improve Your Breasts Size Naturally With Yoga

Nowadays, millions of men and women all around the world practicing yoga for various reasons. Many practice yoga for better health and wellness, and many for improving lifestyle.

Would you believe me whether I say that yoga can do a hell of a lot of things? Yes, I will jump straight away. I have been practicing yoga for years, and I know what are the benefits of yoga. So, I will tell you the secret of yoga for bigger breasts. It has been tried and tested by me. And, I can assure you that you can boost your breast size with yoga. You should try it because it does!

Maybe you are using small cup bra, like 28A, 30A or 28AA or 30AA, though technically they are the same size bra, which is often called “Sister Sizes”. You may be ashamed of having small breasts. Aren’t you? Not to mention, I too was on the same boat. I was a bit stressed because I had small breasts. I tried different exercises but most of them are failed. Till that time, I did not other exercises.

Then, I talked to one of my friends who told me about the secret. She had small breasts like me, but she had transformed dramatically, and I asked her how to increase breast size with yoga? Then, she told me the secret that there are some asana for bigger breasts.

Then, I decided not to go for Breast Enlargement Surgery. No…Never!

Women with small size breasts sometimes think of choosing breast enlargement surgery or taking breast enlargement pills. Few women advised not to go for surgery because the results of surgeries are not always pleasing. But having curves on the slim body and toned tight breasts have become the new trend, which is why more and more women are conscious about their bust size and thinking to grow their breasts size by hook or by crook. This is a matter of debate, which exercise is better for breast enlargement or if there is any particular exercise that helps grow your breast size quickly. But here, we will discuss yoga for bigger breasts. After that, I will tell you some specific asanas for women who want to decrease their breast size.

Things to remember

Certain yoga asanas help increase your breast size. You may think that yoga postures that work on your breast are helpful. If you think so, then I must tell you, you are wrong. The secret is – certain yoga poses help increase your breast size by increasing the glandular tissue and fat on your breasts. Honestly, this is not a single day job, you need to practice for a few months regularly to get the results, but it is natural and has no side effect. Due to the reasons, women having small breasts want to know how to increase breast size with yoga.

  • I hope you know what is “Fat.” Now, let’s discuss what is “Glandular Tissue.”

The glandular tissues are nothing but a mixture of both endocrine and exocrine glands. “Endocrine” is ductless, hormones and is secreted into the blood. On the other hand, “Exocrine” have ducts, and hormones are secreted onto the surfaces. For instance, sweat glands are covered in the skin section. Just know that the topic focuses on the endocrine glands.

Yoga for Bigger Breasts
Yoga for Bigger Breasts

A few other yoga poses can tone your muscles that support your breasts and make your bust stronger. In a nutshell, practicing yoga on a daily basis can make your breast firm, nice, stronger and shapely.

Blow, are the yoga poses that can make your Breasts Bigger, and undoubtedly, you do not need breast enlargement pills or breast enlargement surgery.

Top 7 Yoga For Bigger Breasts

Cow Face Pose Or Gomukhasana For Bigger Bust Size

The benefits of cow face pose are many. Not to mention, Gomukhasana helps to tone and stretching the core muscles of your body, including your breast. Even, it also leans down your muscles and arms. This is not only good for bigger breasts but also makes your tummy smaller and giving your breast a nice shape.

Know More How to Practice It – Cow Face Pose 

Cobra Pose Or Bhujangasana Improve Your Breasts Size

Cobra pose is one of the yoga asanas that help you increase your breast size by increasing the fat as well as glandular tissue. This pose also helps tone your breast muscles and makes breasts stronger.

Know More How to Practice It – Cobra Pose 

Bow Pose Or Dhanurasana Boost Your Breasts

Bow pose not only improve your breasts size but also tone the muscles that support your breasts. It increases the blood flow to your breast area. Practicing bow pose can make your breasts stronger, firmer and shapely. It is one of the best yoga for bigger breasts.

Know More How to Practice It – Bow Pose

Camel Pose Or Ustrasana Increase Your Bust Size

Women with small breasts looking for a quicker option to increase their breast size can do camel pose or Ustrasana. It helps to increase your breast size naturally. Camel pose is the simplest asana taught to beginner yoga practitioners. It stretches your breasts muscle tissues and increases blood flow. Thus, it promotes the enlargement of your breasts.

Know More How to Practice It – Camel Pose

Tree Pose Or Vriksasana Works Well On Your Brest Tissues

Tree pose is an extremely easy asana but gives you incredible benefits for all your body, including breasts. This pose works wonder on your breast tissues. Thus, it helps you keep firm and perky.

Know More How to Practice It – Tree Pose

Child’s Pose Or Balasana to Increase Your Bust Size Naturally

Child’s Pose also called Balasana. This pose is beneficial for your breasts. It increases your blood flow to the area of your breasts and strengthens the muscle. Thus, make them beautiful and firm. Balasana strengthens your shoulders and massages your thyroid glands.

Know More How to Practice It – Child’s Pose

Seated Spinal Twist Or Ardha Matsyendrasana

Practice Seated Spinal Twist in the morning or in the evening on an empty stomach. Ardha Matsyendrasana is also the best yoga for bigger breasts. It stretches the tissues on the side of your breasts, so it aids in increasing their size. This asana increases the flexibility of your breast muscle as well. Therefore, it increases your self-esteem and confidence.

Know More How to Practice It – Seated Spinal Twist

End Note On Yoga For Bigger Breasts

These yoga poses have been proven to increase your breast size. They are some of the best yoga for bigger breasts for all levels of practitioners. You can practice these asanas in your personal space. If you can, then practice yoga in the morning. The best time is before sunrise which will give you an added advantage of fresh air. Practicing these poses will help you a lot. You will be able to stop embarrassing about your small bust and move your body to get bigger size breasts through asanas.

The article is written by Nancy Reagan. She has been practicing yoga for years and shared her experience to women who are ashamed of having small breasts, tried many things and all failed. She has shared her experience how yoga helped her getting bigger breasts in a few months.

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