What Is Blue Moonstone and what are Its Benefits?

Blue Moonstone

Blue Moonstone Benefits Intensifies Your Feminine Goddess Energy

Moon is the symbol of Goddess Energy. It is often called feminine energy, though God or Goddess came from same energy that is MAHAMAYA or Adi Parasakti. In Hindu Mythology, we see Shiva is holding God Moon on his head.

In Astrology, many believe that Moon is the symbol of calmness and peace of mind, which is why many people like to wear moon stone, especially blue moonstone has many benefits. One of the benefits of blue moonstone is – it intensifies feminine energy i.e. Goddess Energy.

Why Wear Moon Stone or Blue Moonstone?

As sacred texts described that moon itself is soothing energy. And, in Astrology, moon signifies a hell of a lot of things. It signifies cool, calm, positive thinking, peace of mind, truth, beauty and much, much more. Actually moon holds the power of mystery. If you have good moon-mount on your palm, you can be a positive thinker, cool and calm, and you can be a creative person. If you want good sleep and positive thinking you should consider wearing a blue moonstone.

You can wear a moonstone after consulting an expert, especially an astrologer or palmist. If it suits you, then you will be able to enhance creativity, balance and wishes of life. A blue moon stone helps harbor our feminine side. If you want to aid in distinguishing what is merely needed in life vs what is wanted, then wear a good one. The clearer the stone is, the stronger healing power it gives.

Blue Moonstone Gem
Blue Moonstone Gem

Benefits of Blue Moonstone for Saturn Sade-sati

You can wear a blue moon stone when you undergo Saturn Sade Sati or Saturn Mahadasha. The more powerful your Saturn is the more good effect you will get wearing this moon stone. Sade-Sati is the ​7 and half years long period of Saturn transit over the moon.

For example, you have MOON in Aquarius placed in your horoscope, so your moon sign or Rashi is – Aquarius. Now, this year in January 2020, Saturn transited on Capricon (Makara), so your 1st phrase of Sade-sati has started. It will last 2 and half years and after that your 2nd phrase of Sade-sati will start, it will last 2 and half years. When Satrun moves from Aquarius to Pieces, your 3rd phrase of Sade-sati will start.

Now, the question is – what are the benefits of blue moonstone in this period? The answer is simple! In the time of Sade-sati, your confidence can be down, your sleeping can reduced and issues will persist in life for which you may feel exhausted. When you wear blue moonstone, you will win over the situation and live a peaceful life. If your Saturn and Moon are placed well in horoscope, then you will get immediate benefits. Not to mention, it will start giving you result after 45-day.

Blue Moonstone can controls aggression because the stone consists of YIN energy.

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