How Full Body Thai Massage Helps You Relax in Mind & Body

Benefits of Thai Massage Therapy

Traditional Thai Massage is deep. It is a full-body treatment. Thai massage starts from the feet and progresses up to the head, using a gentle sequence and flowing exercise movements. During this massage session the recipient’s body is moved, loosed as well as stretched (some of the stretch applications are related to Yoga) of the joints and muscles. Likewise Shiatsu massage Thai massage also aligns your body energies using firm and gentle pressure on your specific body points. This massage therapy also includes compressions as well as stretches. During the Thai massage session you do not need to lie there, the massage therapist helps you to move and stretch according to the sequence of postures.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage is like yoga without doing any exercise. People who took Thai massage believe, this massage helps them energizing from head to toe, better than other massage forms. There are many benefits of Thai massage; we have discussed here in three different categories. Let us discuss in a brief.

Physical Benefits of Thai Massage

  • Thai massage helps detoxification of the body and boost your immune system
  • Thai massage increases blood circulation and reduces blood pressure
  • Thai massage is good for muscle relaxation, increase flexibility in muscles and increase mobility
  • Thai massage improves breathing
  • This massage helps to improve posture, balance, corrects body alignments and dissolves energy blockages
  • It helps you improve your athletic performance
  • It helps cure arthritis and back pain
  • Thai massage helps tone your body, strengthen joints, fights diseases, and helps reducing chronic joint problems
  • This massage prevents illnesses and alleviates degenerative diseases
  • Thai massage slows the aging process

Mental Benefits of Thai Massage

  • Thai massage improves your outlook towards life; builds an emotional balance
  • Thai massage is good for concentration and creativity/ Mind and body connection or concentration
  • Thai massage helps clear and calm your mind
  • Thai massage helps you gain mental clarity

Psychological Effects of Thai Massage

  • Thai massage reduces and relieves stress and anxiety
  • Thai massage helps you boost inner energy levels
  • Thai massage develops discipline and self-control
  • This massage helps achieve better health, increases health and vitality.
  • This massage raises the energy level and stamina
  • It helps build internal power (and creates a natural confidence)

If you visit Thailand, and take at least one Thai massage in Thailand, just to see how it effects on you, you will come to know the benefits of Thai massage for sure, just after one session. This massage is a combination of yoga stretching, calmness, meditation, acupressure, and exercise for movement and reflexology that makes this massage therapy a complete healing art. Thai massage mainly uses point pressure as well as muscle stretching. It is not just the hands that are used during this massage session to free tension from your body, but the feet as well as elbows are used at the same time, if needed.

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