What should you know about Basil Essential Oil?

Basil Essential Oil

Basilicum comes from the Greek word ‘Basilicos’ means ‘King’ or ‘Royal’. Basil is one of the popular essential oil widely used in Aromatherapy, crispy smelling essential oil is very good in awakening the mind and to clarify the thought, good for steadies the nerves, it is very much helpful in easing the sinus congestion, cooling down fevers and especially good in treating menstrual issues.

Origin of Basil Essential Oil

This essential oil was originated in tropical Asia and the Pacific Islands, though presently it has been cultivating throughout the United States and in Europe. The plant is an annual hairy herb growing up to one meter (three feet). The flowers look white and pink but varies and attract swarms of bees in the summer. This is one of the well-known and much-favored herbs in India. It is said that this herb is held sacred to the Hindu God Lord Vishnu and the leaves of this plant are chewed before taking part in religious ceremonies.

Benefits of Basil Essential Oil

The essential oil is known one of the most protective in qualities. A Basil leaf is placed on the chest of a Hindu when resting. It is widely used in Chinese Medicine and in Ayurvedic Medicine for its immense benefits and popularity in human life. It is a very good essential oil which is widely using for digestive disorders, from nausea to hiccups and good for infections in the respiratory tract. Basil is also very good for insect bites treatment and mosquitoes.

Other Benefits of Basil Essential Oil

It is a product which is generally used to sharpen concentration and alleviate of the symptoms of depression, to relieve headaches and for migraines according to the needs of the persons. Basil oil contains a number of compounds to enhance health. In Aromatherapy, this oil is used for skin, thought to transmit messages to a brain region involved in controlling emotions. Basil is also known as an erotic scent that has a sweet, spicy aroma. It has many associations with love, seduction, and fertility. Basil awakens the senses and can arouse the basic sexual instincts. It can be used to reawaken a sexual relationship. Aromatherapy suggests that essential oils may affect heart rate, stress levels, breathing, blood pressure, and immune function. Basil oil is also used for acne, anxiety, and bronchitis. Though, this oil generally avoided during pregnancy.

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