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Citronella Oil is one of the most essential oils collected from stems as well as leaves of several species of Cymbopogon, known as Lemongrass. This essential oil is widely used as a source of perfumery chemical applications like genraniol, citronellol and citrolellal. The chemical is widely been using in soap, candles and incense, different perfumery products or cosmetic and several flavoring industries across the globe. It is a plant-based essential oil, is an insect based repellent, this oil is registered for the purpose of using in US since 1948. The US Environmental Protection Agency considers that citronella essential oil is a biopesticide which rich in non-toxic compound.

Question of Health Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil

It is generally used directly to increase the heart rate of some people. Health Canada is in the procedure totally, as insect repellent.  There are some anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-depressant, deodorant, some of anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, fungicidal, stomachic, stimulant substances in Citronella Essential Oil. It is generally found in many Asian countries and often in some islands of South Pacific. It has very rich, crisp and lemony aromatic substances, so it named Citronella. The essential oil of citronella is extricated two types of citronella. The first one is a kind of Ceylon variety, scientific name is Cymbopogon Nardusand and the second one is a kind of Java variety, scientific name is Cymbopogon Winterianus. For both the cases it is extricated by steam distillation from fresh plant.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil

  1. Antibacterial components methyl helps to kill bacteria and impede other bacterial growth in the human body. This is specifically beneficial to treat infections in wounds, and colon, urethra and urinary bladder, stomach, intestinal disorder, also helps to treat urinary tracts, prostate as well as kidney related issues.
  2. Antidepressant substance in this oil helps to combat depression, anxiety etc. and ease the sadness, negative feelings. This oil is very good to induce fresh and happy feelings in mind.
  3. Antiseptic properties of the plant oil combat infections in wounds and the urinary tracts, prostate, urethra and kidney related problems. And at the same time protect them from being sepsis.
  4. Antispasmodic compound in this essential oil helps in relieving spasms of the muscles, good for respiratory and nervous system. It is also very much useful for cramps and coughs.
  5. Anti-inflammatory substance in this plant oil calms inflammation, especially those circumstances which concern to the stomach, liver, intestines and another parts our digestive system.  
  6. Deodorant compounds consist in this essential oil crisp, rich citrus or kind of lemon aroma drives away human body odor which is widely using in deodorant industries for making body sprays and deodorants. It is useful for adding with water for bathing purpose.
  7. Diaphoretic compounds in this essential oil grows sweating and helps to promote the removal of toxins and other unnecessary materials such as excess water, salt, fat form the body. You will feel lighter; your skins will feel healthy and helps to decrease fever.
  8. Diuretic substance helps dispose of waste materials and toxins from the body such as uric acid, excess bile, salts and acidic substances from the body. This essential oil helps to improve digestion and eliminate infections from urinary system.
  9. Stomachic substance of this oil helps to clear the infections from stomach and other issues and helps to function properly.
  10. Stimulant compound in this aromatic essential oil is good in stimulating blood circulation, secretions and also good in discharging such as hormones, enzymes from glands, brain and increase the activity of nervous system.

Some Other Health Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil

Moreover, this oil is widely used for the purpose of treatment of different issues like oily skin care, oily hair care, abnormal palpitations, colitis, headache, sinus or migraine, fatigue and abdominal pain.

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