How To Practice Perfect Burpee Workout

Are you a body builder? Want to boost up the strength of your body? Wish to do an aerobic exercise? Your answer is here. Start this passionate exercise; this workout is called ‘Burpee workout’. It gives you extraordinary strength.  The primary steps are executed in four movements and it is known as ;Four count burpee’. The Burpee workout is a whole body workout.  Sometimes this workout is known as Basrardo exercise and often called Body Blaster exercise.

Various forms of Burpees

There are several forms of Burpee workout. These are, Hindu Push Up Burpee, Jump Up Burpee, Jump-Over Burpee, Knee Push-Up Burpee, Long–jump Burpee, Muscle-Up Burpee, One-armed Burpee, One Leg Burpee, Parkour Burpee, Pull-up Burpee, Shitee, Side Burpee, Squat Thrust and Tuck-jump Burpee. Generally we get 11 types of burpee workout.

Who can do Burpee workout

Burpee workout is done fundamentally as usual by the mixed martial arts. Although, some experienced troop of heavy exercise team does this particular Burpee workout as a regular routine exercise. Anyone can do this exercise, but he or she needs to be an adult one. The army men do this exercise in their regular workout schedule. This exercise is also known as an end most bodyweight exercise. Yes it is true that taste varies from person to person, what one likes another may dislike. And sometimes few people dislike this burpee workout. No appliances are required to perform this workout due to that reason many people love to do this workout wherever they want to. But it is a very tough form of workout and due that often people dislike it unwillingly.

Inventor of Burpee workout

Now we should know the origin of this workout. The Burpee workout is an art of mixed exercise. It is formed with push up, vertical jump and squat exercise. An American psychologist, Royal H Burpee had drafted this form of exercise to test the power of body parts while they move together smoothly, efficiently, quickly and easily with tremendous vigor. This form of exercise was eagerly adopted by the Military force and naval men to identify their toughness of body and mind in those days when World War ll was going to be happened in the history of war. But now in days the army people do this exercise with eagerness and sportiness for very constructive effect in their fitness routine exercise.

Methods to perform basic Burpee workout

At the starting position you need to perform this Burpee workout in a right way to get the best result.

  • At first keep your feet together and make a squat down position. Then put your arms on the ground in front of your feet.
  • On the next step you should keep your feet together and get ready to jump back that you can land in a push up position. Now bend your fore arms and perform a single push up at this position.
  • After that jump your feet back in earlier position and beneath your body and then leap up into the air.
  • Finally, land on smoothly in a quite manner and bent your legs.
  • Now repeat these steps again to practice it as long as you can.

If you are an expert then do this exercise own, but you need a guide or special supervision whether you are new one for this workout. You need to maintain your speed for this exercise.


This Burpee workout can be performed in various ways. You can do it in a simpler way or in a tough way. You can perform the style of this exercise as per your convenience. But the way needs to be correct and comfortable for you. People who are beginner for this workout are advised to skip the push up or jump step at the very beginning of this workout. Trained people can plus an obstacle to jump forward or sideways over between their reps to make it more interesting or adventurous. But experienced people can put on some weight on their vests or can hold dumbbells while they practice it. Even you can do plus pull up between reps when you perform this workout.

Exercise Pattern of Burpees

Always try 100 Burpee workout as quick as you can do. And, watch yourself that in 10 minutes how many sets of Burpees you can perform. You may also practice this exceptional workout with long jump, just replacing a simple jump step.

Benefits of Burpee workout

There are lots of benefits of Burpee workout. It improves your physical skill.

  • One of the most key benefits of Burpee workout is building strength.
  • This workout helps you to gain immense strength to your muscular bulk, your legs and of your whole body.
  • Many fitness experts said that Burpees is a strength building workout or can say a high load workout, which is very much productive to grow muscular fortitude.
  • For the purpose of your lower and upper level muscular exercise, it improves the capacity of your heart and lungs.
  • As you have understood that Burpees is a form of exercise which is done in requiring an absence of free oxygen with high severity or potency which is generally performed in a short time span and requires more energy without oxygen that is why if you practice this workout it helps you to perform anaerobic exercise capability.
  • Practicing Burpees require more muscles exercise and the outcome is substantial caloric expenses. It helps you to lose more weight while burning calories.
  • It plays an outstanding load on your cardiovascular order; as a consequence you can get single cardio-workout.
  • This workout improves strength of your legs, chest, thighs, hamstrings, deltoids, arms and abs.
  • It is an ultimate fat burning workout helps to burn up fat up to 50 per cent more than any other conventional workout. It can accelerate your metabolism that is helpful in burning calories all the day round.

Precautions of Burpees

Anyone can do this exercise but there you need to be physically fit enough, because doing this workout you should have extensive fitness of your health. As you know this is not a very simple workout, it is quite tough comparing with any other conventional exercises. Though, you need not require any workout equipment to practice this exercise, but this is quite difficult for everyone. So, we recommend you to get a medical consultation from your physician with appropriate supervision to avoid any further injury before you do burpee workout. 

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