How A Vegan Diet can Help You Lose Weight: Diet and Weight Loss

If you want to lose a few pounds, you first consider the kind of diet you want to opt for. Yes, we are taking about diet and weight loss. Those on a vegan diet avoid dairy products and only eat plant-based items like fruit, veggies, lentils, and beans. A lot of people follow the vegan diet because they do not believe in animal consumption and find it unethical.

Recent research has found out the effectiveness of vegan diet in weight loss or diet and weight loss. A vegan diet contains more fiber-rich foods that contain low calories and high energy. These foods keep you full and energized for longer hours without the need to munch every now and then.

Here are some of the reasons why a vegan diet works well for weight loss:

Contains Lower Calories

The fruit and vegetables included in this diet contain fewer calories which means, you can eat more while controlling your calorie intake. An ounce of chicken breast has the same number of calories as 10 ounces of broccoli does. Therefore, you can eat more vegetables at intervals too to keep your tummy full and your body energized throughout the day.

Enriched with Fiber

All the food items you take in a vegan diet are high in fiber. Fiber has the capability to make you feel full and energized for longer hours. Moreover, the other nutrients present in the veggies and fruit also help keep the body energized and prevent weakness that occurs in other kinds of diets. By taking fiber-rich foods, the calorie deficit is easier to maintain as you feel no need to eat more for hours after taking a few bites only.

Healthier Snack

While you are on diet, you get cravings and you resort to chocolates and chips immediately. Whereas, a vegan diet gives you healthier options for snacking and helps you avoid such unhealthy snack that is packed with tons of calories. If you are on a vegan diet, you will rather eat an apple or some nuts. An apple has 50 calories while a usual bar of chocolate has 550 calories. Yes! I am sure you can feel the difference and yet you feel so full after having an apple.

Now that you know how a vegan diet can help you lose weight, here are some tips for diet and weight loss that you must know to lose weight effectively while following this diet:

Check Calories before Consumption

All vegetables and fruit do not have low calories. Some are high in calories too. For instance, avoid using coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil as they all are very rich and fatty. You cannot blindly eat whatever comes your way in a vegan diet either. Check the calories of the foods while preparing your grocery list.

Take More Protein

Protein is essential in all diets as it is necessary for the body to keep the energy levels maintained. Take lentils, beans and other foods that are rich in protein so that you stay up and running while being on a diet.

Add More Veggies to Diet

Take more and more vegetables in every meal so that you feel fuller while consuming less amount of food. This can be a great thing for diet and weight loss, but make sure half of your plate is always filled with vegetable salad. It will help you keep your calorie intake under control.

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Noor Najam is a 22-year old student who loves to explore food delights and ever-growing new tastes of different regions. She likes to stay fit and make healthier food choices. She thinks she should have studied a culinary related bachelor’s degree instead of her current bachelors in Social Sciences.

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