Nude Yoga

Naked Yoga Secret: Why Should You Practice Naked Yoga At Home?

Many of you must have heard about Naked Yoga. Some say it is Nude Yoga and some say it is Nagna Yoga. Though two things are same for sure! It is not... Read more »
Naked Yoga Benefits

Naked Yoga Helps You Remove Shame And Fear In Mind

Have you ever thought of why some of the celebrities, like Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston, and Kim Kardashian practice naked yoga? Though, we have mentioned only three names, there are multiple celebrities... Read more »
Naked yoga style is a part of yoga

Discover Naked Yoga An Ancient Indian Practice

Naked yoga have an Indian history from a long past. It is to be known, some of the India’s Naga Sadhus or monks started Naked yoga as a part of spirituality, but... Read more »