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In the entire Yoga style adho mukha vrksasana is one of the most popular Yoga Pose I have ever seen and is quite difficult too for the beginners. Though, regular practice can make anything possible. The pose is commonly known as Handstand Pose or Downward Facing Tree Pose. This pose is a superb substructure to a lot of arm balance Yoga Postures or Asanas. At the very first time you should practice this pose against a wall, when you will feel comfortable or adaptable with the pose, you can try without it.

Thinking to start adho mukha vrksasana ?

  • Start placing your hands on the yoga mat.
  • Now walk your legs ahead and lift one of your leg up, allow the other naturally.
  • Now join both of the legs, when both are up, apply comfortably with a bit pressure inward in the direction of your heels.
  • Making proper balance in the beginning is quite difficult because the breathing is changing all the time and changing your body shape. It will affect the weight distribution over your heads. If you breathe deeper it causes greater changes and makes a bit difficult to recoup with the counter balance. But if you breathe slowly it helps you to perform your balance.

Benefits of adho mukha vrksasana

  • The pose helps every parts of your body, makes you body fine and fit for a good and healthy life.
  • It supplies fresh blood to your entire body.
  • It straightens your arms, your muscles, your shoulder and wrist, makes yourself more flexible and graceful.
  • The pose improves your strength and enhances your stamina.
  • This is completely a balancing pose, helps you to stay cool and calm in mind and body.
  • This asana also helps your brain to relax.

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