Get Perfect Power Brows Like Cara Delevingne


Looking for power brows? Here is how you can git it. The ultimate advice in achieving the iconic look which is finding the beauty guide from the past few seasons.

Call it the Cara Delevingne upshot or a beauty course that does not matter. Of late many famous style icons are choosing thicker and natural looking eyebrows. They add a certain personality and deepness to the face. Whether you have not been praised with complete brows, then you need not to worry at all. Here is what you can do to get that.

You need to get the right arch

The most essential thing is to get power brows is to put the arch in the right place. Doing this carefully you should slope a brow pencil from the way over your nose to the iris. You should always use a full length mirror in lieu of a compact one that you can see your entire face in view. Do not try to be a stickler for perfection. Your brows do not have to be smooth and symmetrical; you need to be similar for them to see your brows more natural. If you have any doubt then you can consult with a beauty expert at a salon.

Try to avoid Tweezers

The common problem with tweezers is that one swings to go overboard and take out more than the requirement. On the other hand the downside is that the brows may take 6-8 weeks to develop completely. Try to avoid tweezing the brows for a span of time for the purpose of power brow upshot. Do not use any hair dyes on the lashes.

Always try to use Brow shadow or pencil

You should try to use brow shadow or a pencil for the brows. You can use it to full in the brows. You may apply on the brow with this brow shadow using and angled brush. Do not go at random from the natural brow line. Whether the brows are blemished and or have gaps then you may replace it with any good eyebrow pencil. The way to use one is with strokes in the same direction as the hair growth. In this condition a waxy pencil can be great for filling the gaps and to make a proper shape of your brows.

Try to complete the shade properly

If you think to use a shadow or a pencil then you can pick up a color which is closest to your natural brows. Whether you cannot find any exact shade then you find out something one shade lighter in lieu of darker one.

Finish off with a tinted brow get to set the strands in place for the entire day. A brow gel has tiny hair-resembling fibres that add instant fullness.

Tyr to oil your brows

You should rub a bit of coconut oil on the eyebrows for a few minutes; spend to do this for a few times in a week before you go to sleep. Oiling can prevent the small shore from further harm. You can add a clear brow gel in your beauty chart to keep disorderly hair in the right place. Adding a hint of natural beauty color onto your eye brows, so that they can appear properly. To add a hint of natural colour into your brows – so they expanded but not over the top, use a slight version.

Article written by…..Bonni Basak

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