Top 5 Yoga Asanas To Improve Digestion

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In accordance with Ayurveda, our stomach plays a major role in controlling our body’s apparatus. A healthy stomach plays an important role, it helps us to keep acne away, lessen bad-tempered, keep our body protected from diseases, such as indigestion and in some extent even cancer. Ayurveda specify that an unhealthy stomach can cause to poor digestion. So, do not you wish to take care your stomach and other important organs properly? We have discussed here some important yoga asanas to improve digestion to get a healthy stomach.

Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand Pose)

Shoulderstand pose is one of the most popular yoga pose in the entire yoga style. Salamba sarvagasana means, Salamba – with support, Sarva – all and Anga – limb. This yoga pose is especially good for its ability to regulate and helps in working the thyroid glands. Our glands are important and responsible to function properly of the body, for the better digestive system, nervous system, reproductive system, proper controlling of metabolism and respiratory system. One of the most effective asanas to improve digestion.


How to practice this yoga pose? See Details:  Shoulderstand Pose

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Triangle Yoga Pose or Utthita Trikonasana is also one of the most popular yoga pose in the entire yoga styles. To get the entire benefits of this yoga pose you should practice regularly with the help of a yoga expert. This asana helps in strengthening your knees, angles, legs and chest. This asana is very good for your digestion. It helps to improve your metabolism rate, improves your mental equilibrium, makes you cool and calm from inside, minimize anxiety, stress, it helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles, cure acidity, constipation and different abdominal problems. One of the most powerful asanas to improve digestion.

triangle pose
triangle pose
How to practice this yoga pose? See Details: Triangle Pose

Janusirsasana (Head to knee Pose)

This pose is known as head to knee forward bend pose, head of the knee pose and sometimes also called head on knee pose. This yoga is a part of Astanga Yoga style. This yoga pose is very good to heal your digestive system and helps you to relieve stress. This pose is great to stretch out the back and neck, helps your calf muscles, hamstrings etc. This asana is good for insomnia. If you have sleep-disorder or insomnia you can practice this pose, will help you to reduce this issue. Head to knee pose is one of the most effective asanas to improve digestion.

Try Head to knee Pose:

  1. At first sit down on the ground, joint your legs in front of you.
  2. Now bend any one of your legs at the knees, and try to place the foot of that leg comfortably on the upper thigh.
  3. Now try to place one hand on the hip for a little support and try to extend your other hand. Do it slowly and comfortably, do not hurry!
  4. Now clasp the toes with the extended arm.
  5. At last, stay in this pose for 4-5 breaths.
  6. Now inhale properly and try to come to return back to sitting pose comfortably.

Remember one thing: Do not practice this yoga pose if you are suffering from knee injury or lower back pain, diarrhoea or asthma. Better to take advice from a yoga expert to get the better result and avoid any mistakes.

Head to knee Pose
Head to knee Pose

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Cobra pose is also known as Bhujangasana is a back stretches muscles yoga which helps your arms and shoulders. Cobra pose is one of the most popular asanas to improve digestion that you can practice every day.

  • This yoga pose will help you to stretches muscles in the shoulders, also very helpful to reduce stiffness of your lower back, gives strength of your arms and shoulders.
  • The asana improves flexibility of your entire body.
  • If you are a woman it will be helpful for you to improve menstrual irregularities, stimulate organs in the abdomen.
  • Relieve fatigue and stress.

Tips to remember: Dot not practice this asana if you are suffering from wrist pain or injury. If you are pregnant do not do this asana or if you have back injury. Better to take advice from a yoga expert to get the better result and avoid any mistakes.


Balasana (Child Pose):

Child’s Pose is also known as balasana is a good yoga that helps to calm and restore in nature. It also helps you to relax and stretches your arms, spine and back. If you have any gastrointestinal disorder this pose will help you a lot. Child pose is one of the most easiest asanas to improve you digestion that you can practice every day for better results.

Child Pose
Child Pose

Types of Balasana: Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby Pose), Utthita Balasana (Extended Child Pose)

Tips to remember: Whether you are suffering from acidity, if you are pregnant, if you have lower back pain or injury, then do not practice this asana. Better to take advice from a yoga expert to get the better result and avoid any mistakes.

Remember that the above mentioned Yoga Poses (Asanas) are supposed to be practiced till the time you feel comfortable. Do not push your body further on you feel physically uncomfortable. Day by day practice will make you perfect. We suggest you to take advice and consultation from a qualified yoga expert to avoid any injury and for better results.

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