Eating Prunes Or Dried Plums Help You To Lose Weight


A group of researchers at the University of Liverpool described that eating prunes with a healthy diet can help you to lose your weight.

A study was conducted by the University’s Institute of Psychology, Health and Society examined 100 over-weighted persons and grossly fat low fibre users, to notice if eating prunes (also called Dried Plums) can be the part of weight-loss diet that can help or used for weight control over a span of 12-weeks.

Researchers also wanted to examine whether candidates could bear eating material of prunes in diet, and whether it had a useful effect on appetite. The candidates who participated in this study and research were classified into two categories.

No. 1 persons who ate prunes regularly (at least 140 gm a day for men and for women it is 171 gm a day).

No. 2 For those persons who were advised on healthy meals over the time of active loss.

A result has showed that people who eat prunes or dried plums in their regular diet, able to reduce weight 2 kg and shed 2.5 cm off their waists, but persons who were advised for a healthy meal reduced only 1.5 kg and 1.7 cm from their waists.

The study also showed that eating prunes experienced greater weight-loss in the period of last 4 weeks of research. But after week 8, candidates have exhibited increased fondness in the prune group.

Furthermore, in spite of regular high doses, dried plums prunes were better tolerated.

According to Dr Jo Harrold, (who were headed the research) there is no negative side effects and also showed weight loss in both the groups, when consuming prunes is one of the best part of any weight management diet. Additionally, this is good for tackling hunger and fulfilling appetite.

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