What Should You Know About Yoga And Yogi?



The difference between Yog and Yoga or “Yoga and Yogi” is the difference in basic understanding of your knowledge in these two words. In Sanskrit, as well as in Hindi, Yoga is a word derived from the verb called Yuj. And later a suffix has been added called Briddhi or AA and the present word formed as YOGA. This is no short for sure. The basic dichotomy is only in writing, not in its pronunciation.

In English, it is called ‘Yog’ in Sanskrit it means ‘योग़्’ with a half ‘g’ sound and not योग with a full ‘g’ sound at the end. Henceforth, when we write the word in English, we write it as ‘Yoga. I hope I was able to make your understanding.


Moreover, that does not mean the pronunciation needs to be transformed.

Actually, the lack of in-depth knowledge or the proper pronunciation makes the difference and that is responsible for people mispronouncing it as ‘Yog-aa’. I am not telling if you are pronouncing YOGA is incorrect, yes it is correct, but you need to understand the source of the word.

Yoga is an old discipline from India. It is both a physical and spiritual practice. It uses exercise (postures), breathing exercise or techniques and mediation. Sometimes they have practiced differently and sometimes under one umbrella. Yoga helps to improve your health and happiness.


A Yogi is a practitioner of Yoga including Sannyasin or the practitioner of Meditation. The feminine form, often used in English is Yogini.

Yogi B K S Iyengar
Yogi B K S Iyengar

Yogis are those who practice self-discipline and recognize the strength they can build by way of asana or postures, sometimes called YOGA POSES and Pranayama practices. They also see the power of self-reflection and self-study. Yogis normally surrender to the devotion of the diving and recognize the divine necessity in all beings.

I hope I was able to differentiate the meaning of yoga and yogi.

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