Basic skincare routine for your healthy skin

Refreshing and moisturizing

Does your skin behave good one day and behave rude on another day? I mean, does it look beautiful one day and look very dull on another day? It can be happened any time if you do not follow the basics steps of skin care. Here we have discussed some basic tips of skincare that we should all follow.

Who does not want a healthy and glowing skin? I hope everyone wish to have a healthy and glowing skin. Though some people have really good and shiny and unmarked skin, most of us try to get a natural glow. But before you try to have some costly new cream or want to try some new revolutionary method, my question is that have you thought to take your basic skincare regime?

The basic skincare procedure

You can ask any skin care expert or consult any dermatologist; we hope they will give you a step-by-step process of what will be your basic skincare regime.

Here are a few tips

  • Cleansing

One of the most basic skincare routine is cleansing. Generally most of us do a biggest mistake in this process, it is under-cleanse or over-cleanse. But skincare experts and or dermatologist suggest that for those persons with normal skin, they can clean their face twice a day, one time in the morning and once in the night, before you go to sleep. Cleansing in the night is more important, as you wish to remove of the day’s dirt and dust and any lotion or make up that you may have had on.

One thing you need to remember to find a good soap-free cleanser for your skincare and try to avoid very hot or very cold water while washing your face.

  • Exfoliating

Exfoliation necessitates the removal of the mature dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface and has been used for long time to help and maintain healthy skin. Some of the skin experts think that too much exfoliation is not good for the skin and it can clear vital oils, most of them believe that exfoliation one time in a week is good.

Use a scrub that is good for your skin. Use a little one time in a week to clear hidden impurities and dead cells. Whether you choose natural then you can try some home-made scrubs and exfoliate for natural.

  • Toning

A toner helps you to close pores on your skin, this liquid is good to remove attracting dirt and dust that can give your skin tighter and firmer look. Many women use this step and you can get it without any extra efforts as many cosmetic brands make it.

Nevertheless, skin experts and or dermatologists believe that toners are strictly optional. You can try toner for a few days and come to the conclusion if you wish to add toner to your skincare regime or not.

  • Moisturizing

Moisturizing your skin is no doubt important step of your skincare routine. You need to find out an exact moisturizer depending on your skin like, dry, oily or normal skin. Generally, for dry skincare creamy moisturizer works good, for oily skin you can get a water-based moisturizer. And, for your day needs, you can try a Sun Protection Factor moisturizer that can work a sunscreen as well.

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