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Stabilizer Pose

Few people prefer to work alone because they think they can focus better. But there are also lots of people who prefer to work with their friends to stay happy and healthy in life. And, when it comes for Yoga practice, they prefer to practice with each other.

There are a few yoga poses available in the entire yoga style which can be practiced with their partners and friends. Partner Boat Pose or Navasana or  Stabilizer Pose is also this kind of yoga. This Pose can be practiced by Adults and children. Though, we have given the step to practice for kids. Adults can also try this.

Step to Practice  Stabilizer Pose:

  • Help your kid to sit properly that he or she can face his or her yoga partner and bend the knees, with feet flat on the ground.
  • Now say to try to touch the big toes or yoga partner’s big toes.
  • Now tell your kid to lean forward and hold the yoga partner’s hands, with the arms on the outside of the legs.
  • Now need to press the soles of the feet to the yoga partner’s on one side, should do the same on the other side. Whether both the yoga partners are in a balanced position and like to challenge then press the feet together and lift towards up straight the legs.
  • Now help your kid to return slowly and comfortably the feet to the ground and stop holding hands while releasing the yoga pose.
  • Now say your kid to rock back and forth gently and sing ROW YOUR BOAT that they can feel to encourage about breathing properly.

Navasana variations: Paripurna Navasana (Full Boat Pose), Ardha Navasana (Half Boat Pose) and Ekapadanavasana (One Legged Boat Pose)

Benefits of  Stabilizer Pose: Partner Boat Pose builds strength, teamwork, gives strength in spine, stretches the hamstrings, helps to relieve stress and improve digestion issues.

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