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Insomnia is often called sleeplessness, is nothing but a sleep disorder, or inability to sleep. This is not actually a sleeping disorder, insomnia is an outcome of other factors, these factors including stress, different medical conditions, and complications that come from certain medications, such as acid reflux, sleep apnea, etc.

In accordance with some medical determinations, insomnia is an issue that over 30 million people in the country are suffering. Chronic insomnia can be the source of further complications like high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and lot more other health issues. There are certain things that can be taken to help with insomnia, but they have differing effectiveness. Sometimes, sleeping pills (or benzodiazepines) can be prescribed and can help to cure insomnia. Sometimes people suffering from insomnia, anxiety, depression, and other similar issues, prefer to take herbal supplements like Kratom. Kratom has pain-relieving effects and can also help with mood elevation and anxiety reduction. It can be purchased from sites such as

The indications of insomnia vary from person to person, mentioned below.

  • Person is not able to sleep, even he or she tired.
  • Person wakes up frequently and unable to go back to sleep.
  • Feel tired after a night’s sleep.
  • Person unable to concentrate during the day time.
  • Person feels sleepy and fatigued during day time.
  • Many times person takes sleeping pills or alcohol to fall asleep.

But the good news is that one can changes his or her habits and life-style to get rid of insomnia. These symptoms can be cured without taking medicine or consultation of sleep specialists.

  1. Make your bedroom quite and dark:

Do not switch on TV, light or something in the bed room when you go to sleep, always switch off all the lamps/light, TV, computers, radios etc. before trying to sleep. Make sure that subconsciously you are not paying attention to something else, be it sound or light.

  1. Do relax before going to bed:

Try to forget all the worries, thinking, stress about your past and those you have done in the day time, relax in your mind. If you indulge this kind of thinking it will occupy your brain and obstructs sleep. The good idea is that you can practice meditation or can do some breathing exercise that is good for your muscle relaxation for your mind and body. Affirm yourself that you are now stress-free and prepared for a deep and restful-sleep.

  1. Try to avoid naps late in the day:

Avoid naps late in the day time, because it can throw off the normal cycle of your night sleep, resulting in going to bed to late and having to get up early preventing a proper restful sleep.

  1. Always try to avoid food or drink that obstructs sleep:

Avoid those food and drink that are include caffeine, alcohol etc. which can badly effect in your sleep cycle. Coffee causes your liver hot and your body which effects your sleep, even a cup of coffee can be the result of your sleeplessness. So, try to avoid as much as you can.

  1. Avoid eating habit close to bedtime:

Wait at least 3-4 hours after your dinner, you can walk 2-3 minutes for your proper digestion and mind relaxation, after that you can go to bed; this is good for acid reflux, improper digestion or other medical conditions.

  1. Make a habit to exercise regularly:

Regular exercise is not only good for your body but also very good for your mind. Do regular exercise, by which you will be benefited for your sound sleep. But exercise should not be done before bed-time; this can cause the rise of your heart rate and increase your adrenalin level in the blood stream. But regular exercise will help you to reduce stress and cure insomnia as well.

  1. Use relaxing scents:

Aromatherapists say, certain scent that comes from essential oils have some positive effects for your healthy life and well-being. Such scents – valerian, lavender etc can help you to improve sleeping disorder, relax your mind and body and assist sound sleep at night. These oils are natural remedies procured from plants, these essential oils have been widely using for aromatherapy for healing purpose across the globe from thousands of years.

  1. Make a habit to drink herbal tea:

Similar to aromatherapy for different diseases, herbal tea is also very good for your body. Drinking herbal tea promotes better sleep at night. Chamomile tea is very good and especially helpful in calming your body and mind.

  1. Listen to soothing music:

You can listen a soothing classical music, played softly that helps you to put in a calming state of mind when you are in bed. This music will help you to sleep better at night, if possible you can listen sleep CDs that are especially formulated tones and music that good in this condition. The positive side of these music CDs is that you can use more and more and when you used to these music, it will work more efficiently that will boost up your sleep response faster.

  1. Everyday take a relaxing bath:

This is one of the most effective and oldest remedies that really works, especially whether the cause is insomnia. You can add bath salts in water or essential oil that helps you to calm in your mind and body. Just relax in the bath time, but do not tire yourself and fall asleep in the bath tub.

If you can maintain the above described remedies, day by day you will surely feel good effects of these habits, by these habits the sleeping disorder or insomnia can be controlled and pills intake can be reduced. As you know sleep is one of the utmost important parts of your overall good health.

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