Power workouts build strong muscles and give you mental edge

Power workouts

“Power is one of the important traits that helps us to jump high, run fast and helps to grow the jerk muscle fibers and the nervous systems”. The power produces all those passionate moves that an athlete knows very well.

The benefits of power workouts are many. It hard your abdominal muscles, contract your waist, helps to enhance your posture, and good for gaining more self-confidence.

Your choice can be different you can do exercise on the treadmill, lift heavy weight or like to practice yoga on a regular basis, but you need to have the key constituent i.e. is “power” in your workout.

Fitness experts believe “power workout” can boost your physical as well as mental health. But if you are fond of power lifting you need to be very cautious about sudden injuries. In the time of power workout longer rest intervening time are instructed as these types of workout need long recovery. Otherwise they can out come in sudden wound and or painfulness. Power workouts are high strength exercise that is good to burn calories very fast as these types of exercise increase rapidly the heart rate and make you sweat more which is very important. These workouts can be full body workouts, push up, and pull up, leap, hop and jumps. Though, power workouts only are not sufficient you need another training and need to focus on suppleness training for the process of getting better.

But if needs to understand which power work outs is good and suit your body.

We have described some of the best work outs below.

Popular Power Workouts.

Power Yoga:

This workout is an energetic and a more trickle workout. It holds yoga poses for minimum time. Though, this power yoga is not a single one, it also flows into the next yoga pose very quickly. This workout requires many repetitions. That is the reason this power yoga workout is good for burning calories and helps to build the heart rate.

Power Pilates:

This workout trickles more energetic. Practicing this workout you need more strength in your core abdominal muscles for advanced Pilates workout.

See more about Pilates workout –Piloxing

Power kickboxing:

This workout is called an aerobic exercise, using power leaps, jumps, hops, kicks etc.

This workout moves lager upper and lower body muscles very efficiently and systematically.

Power bosu:

This is a balance ball workout. It entirely uses drives and moves. It is good to increase our heart rate, build core strength in your entire body. It is especially targeted at proprioceptive neuro facilitation.


Pilates is an exercise, specially designed for improving physical strength, posture and flexibility of body and it also helps to boost your mental apprehension.

Piloxing is very much challenging and enjoyable. This is a form of exercise that is a great way to attach diversity to your regular exercise. The program combines with boxing and pilates, is one of the great way to toned your entire body. This exercise helps you to bend your muscles-sculpting advantage of pilates with your body and strengthens cardio benefits of boxing. This system of exercise combines with dance techniques.

Power tabata workout:

This is a good explosive exercise that uses the outbreak of energy. It is a very challenging exercise with high potency and with little intervals.

This workout initiated in Japan, Professor Scientist Tabata organized a research into the physical outcome of high potency intervening time training. This workout helps you to increase your aerobic extent.

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