Yoga Burn: What You Need To Know Before Making A Purchase


It is no secret that women like to have a sexy, perfect figure. But unfortunately for other fitness enthusiasts, even how long they stay in the gym and perform hard routines, they end up broken-hearted as they see zero results from all their hard work.

Yoga Burn by Zoe-Bray Cotton, formerly known as “her yoga secrets” is a 12-week program designed not only to lose weight but also achieve a firm and perfectly shaped body. It targets to get rid of an unwanted physique of women and make them feel confident about how they look.

But, of course, just like with anything you buy, it is important that you know its effectiveness and price worthiness. This review can help you decide whether you will pursue this option or find another way to achieve the body you are looking for.


This is basically for women who want to change their life and flaunt a healthy and beautiful body. The 12-week program aims to help women tone down and tighten up sagging and unwanted fats. Compared to its counterparts, the dynamic sequencing yoga progresses its level of difficulty. It is not repetitive hence not only it is effective but engaging and enjoyable too.

They provide a 60-day money-back guarantee hence you are assured that you are not taking any risks when buying the package. It is for everyone, from newbies to experienced yoga enthusiasts. The routines and sequences can be adjusted according to your capability hence you need not force your body to complete routines that are far harder for you to accomplish.

What is in it

Compared to its counterparts, you will be given both the DVD copy and digital downloads for your computers, tablets, and phones. Apart from it, you will also enjoy bonuses such as tranquility flow class, immersion community where you can get a call from a coach and speak to other women like you looking and seeking for a better body, and more other bonuses to help you achieve success.

Who is Zoe-Bray Cotton

Before moving on, you might be interested to know who is the woman behind this powerful routine. Zoe-Bray Cotton is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer, and women body transformation guru.

She was able to finish 15000 worth of yoga training and helped a lot of women achieve a fit and healthy body and lifestyle. This is a compilation of her experience, expertise, and dedication to helping women in need.

The Yoga Burn Phase

The program actually has three phases, foundation flow, transitional flow, and mastery flow phase.

  • Foundation flow

This is the phase when your body will be prepared to perform different routines. It will provide you with step by step guide you need to learn to maintain the proper pose.

  • Transitional flow phase

This will teach you how to move from one pose to another and combining phases one and two.

  • Mastery flow phase

This is the last phase of the program. Women will be given guidelines in combining all the poses, transitional tips and moves to let them achieve a perfect body. Some of the things they will get from this phase are:

  • Strengthen their body
  • Building leaner muscles
  • Gain a flat and sexy belly
  • Increase in metabolism

The phases can be adjusted to what suits you the most, hence you will not find it hard to follow instructions.

When to see results

The result can be seen after completion of a phase, so expect that you can see improvement in your strength, relaxation, and flexibility sooner than other benefits of the Yoga Burn, but the timelines actually are dependent on the individual.

This is not something you do every day, as Zoe recommends 3 forty five minute training every week to achieve the maximum result.

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and as well as cons you need to know:


  • This is a perfect way to achieve the body you are looking for at the comfort of your own home
  • Zoe has made instructions very easy to follow
  • The dynamic sequencing made it enjoyable and challenging at the same time
  • This program helps not only to lose weight but improve metabolism, improve the immune system and have a happier life
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee, hence nothing to lose
  • $37 worth of the package is far cheaper than the benefits it can provide


  • It is not magic, you need to exert efforts to achieve what Zoe promises you to get from using her program
  • The poses may not be challenging for advanced yoga enthusiasts


If you want to achieve the body you are dreaming to have right at the comfort of your home, this program is without a doubt for you. Know more yoga burn info today and start enjoying its benefits.

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