Becoming Certified Yoga Instructor By Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

online yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga today is very common and one of the main sources of earning for many. But today learning yoga is a great hectic. If you are someone who has an interest in yoga and want to take this as a profession then there are plenty of courses online that yoga can take. These courses will make you a professional yoga teacher and you can establish your yoga center without any problem. These courses are very simple and easy and one can do all these courses at a very convenient type.  This can be added to an extra activity of your life and you can earn from it as well. Along with staying fit, you can also earn from this area. When every you are taking the course just keeps one thing in mind that your course must include an Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course because that is the basis of any yoga course. Now let’s see what a journey must be of becoming a certified yoga instructor by online yoga teacher training course.

Get a course having theory as well-

Yoga has always been a practical course full of poses and excessive. What I feel is that it was never nurtured from a  theoretical aspect. each pose has its significance and knowing each of them is important while you are performing something. For that take a course that also inc=volves the theory of yoga and the significance that each course will play in one’s life. This is when you will learn how to solve your own’s problem when he or she comes to you.

Thus getting a course where you can nurture and learn about the theoretical aspect of yoga, the significance of each one, and the history of each pose is very important. This will enhance you as a yoga teacher and make you different from others. Thus when you are planning to be a certified yoga instructor by taking an online course keep this thing in mind.

Select the trainer wisely-

Select your trainer or the institute very wisely. Today everyone out there is a yoga trainer and has a certificate. But the validity as to how good a teacher he or she is is not there. Thus research a lot about your trainer or the institute you will be paying a getting the certificate. For this purpose, you can see the bio-data of the trainer. His or her strong qualification in this particular field. Also, what is his or her alumni or yearly income? These aspects tell a lot about the teacher or the trainer. Next comes the research that can be done over social media. Yes, check his or her presence on social media and what people have said about him or her.

This will help you a lot and if you want you can connect personally with people who have commented on his or her page. This will give you a thorough knowledge about the teacher and his or her capabilities to teach. The reason why these criteria should be checked is that every day everyone is a yoga teacher to judge his or her capability you have to do your shares of research. Paying unnecessarily for anything can be harmful to you and a complete waste of time and money.

Get an Online 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

The next aspect has to be getting an online course of yoga which has a minimum of 300 hours of training. The basic is 200 hours which is then followed by 300 hours and then by 500 hours. The more you will learn the more your degree will have value and will matter. Thus getting complete yoga training will make you a verified and recognizable teacher. There are not many institutes or teachers who are providing a proper 300-hour yoga training thus do your proper reach and aim for those who are worth paying the money.

A online 300 hour yoga teacher training course can be on the costly side hence you need to know what is the exact price for it. Also, there are many out there who only repeat asanas and poses in this course but that is not to be done. thus when you will get enrolled for the course note down what are the exact things that are taught here. The period allowed to each course or poses and how shall the entire process take place.

Fee structure-

The fee structure is really important because institutes are offering you curses at very fewer fees which may be a fraud. Also, intuitive promising to provide you with great infrastructure teachers and trainers take a lot of money as well. This is also done by individual teachers. Thus when you enroll yourself for any course verify the fee structure. How shall you verify a fee structure can be a big question. Well, to answer those I can say compare the fee structure with other institutes at your locality, then compare all the asanas and poses that are promised to be taught also the experience or age of the teacher or the institute respective;y.

These few steps will help you out in figuring out which is the best institute for you or from whom you can learn if you are interested to take personal training. Also, it is always not the case that paying high will serve you well. The case can be otherwise as well all you need is a proper learned person who can help you out and teach you something.

Placements available are not-

On today’s big competition day many teachers or institutes promise to provide you with clients or do a placement where a yoga teacher is required. They also hire a few of their students to help them out with their classes and pay them as well. Thus checking this aspect of getting something to earn after the course is really important. If you pay a slightly high amount and get that returned after some time in a way of job then that’s worth it. Again here you need to judge how much is the return on investment. Thus having a certification from these institutes or these teachers can surely help you in long run.

Teacher goodwill and Institue reputation-

Analyzing your teacher’s or institute’s goodwill is important before you start the classes. This will tell you about your class. If you have read until here I think you are serious about getting a certificate and use that to earn money. Thus when you aim to make yoga a profession learning it professionally is very important. There is a massive difference between a teacher and a student thus your institute or teacher must teach you the methods to teach yoga rather than just to make you lean. Thus the goodwill and the way they teach and ensure every aspect of the process is

important for you to note.


The infrastructure is very important because although it is online if the communication is not proper and the process is not shown properly then there is no use in taking the class. Online classes must have proper lighting, audio, and other assistance to support the class. The reason behind this is that you are paying a very high amount and that has to be used n the proper way so that you can learn things properly. Many places charge heavy but are having severe communication errors which disturb the class. Thus it is the responsibility of the teacher or the institute to make sure that these problems do not take place.

Alumni testimonial –

Check the alumni testimonial and where are the people today who have already taken the course or class. Talk with them and ask them how was their journey after they graduated from the place you are about to take the course form. This will give you a thorough idea about the certificate that you’re about to get. Also, their testimonial will be proof as to how the course has helped them and what are achievements they have. Thus this is a very important point to check before you enroll for any certification course to be a yoga instructor. Thins are online today and require a lot of validity to be true.

Certificate Importance-

Getting a certificate is just not enough you also need to checj=k the validity of the certificate and how can you use it. There are plenty of certificates today but one which has importance is something that you should look for. Certificates from known institutes will be more valid and have more advantages over any small and unknown place. Thus research about this aspect because this is one of the most important things about getting favors done.


Therefore as we conclude our topic we hope you have got a thorough idea as to how one can become a certified yoga insecure through taking online classes. There are plenty of online courses available today and when you enroll in any of these courses you will get certificates. But things that matter from the course are certainly listed above. You can be a great teacher if you research well in this area and work accordingly. We hope that this article served you well and you have got the slightest idea as to how you can become a certified yoga teacher by taking an online course.

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