Top 13 Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss That Really Work

Yoga for weight loss

Are you really worried about losing your weight? Have you already tried so many things to lose your weight, but failed? Do not worry. We have the answer for you – Try these yoga poses for weight loss. This method of workout mixes with fitness and meditation. The best part of Yoga is that you can lose your weight without any side effect. No matter what your weight is or where you wish to reduce fat, you can do it with asanas or yoga. However, you need not to go to a gym and waste your precious time. You can practice at home, at any time you wish. Do practice for at least 20-25 minutes is enough to get the better result. Take a yoga mat and a comfortable yoga costume you like and start practicing. So start your comprehensive weight loss journey. Here, we are giving you 12 yoga exercises that will be good for you to lose your weight, practice regularly can melt away the pounds.

Half Moon Pose / Ardha Chandrasana

This is one of the most popular yoga pose in the entire yoga style with lots of benefits. It tones your buttocks, inner and upper thigh and also helps to reduce fat from belly and legs. There are several health benefits of Half Moon Yoga Pose. This yoga posture expands your shoulders and your chest, increase the mobility of your hip-joints, helps to increase the mobility of your neck, lengthen your spine muscles, tone muscles of your thighs, helps to stretches your groin muscles and hamstrings. Improves digestive issues and menstruation issues (if you have any).Helps to relieve stress and depression and good for your legs.

Remember: Whether you have any digestive issues or spine injury or high blood pressure then we must say you should avoid doing this pose.

Warrior Pose – I / Veerbhadrasana – I

This is an excellent yoga pose to reduce extra fat from your midsection. This yoga pose is extremely beneficial in case of frozen shoulders. Warrior yoga pose releases the stress in the shoulders (if any) very effectively in a short span of time. Expand your chest, lungs and shoulders. Stimulate abdominal organs and digestion. Builds core strength in your torso, abdomen, spine and pelvic floor. Quiets your mind, calms your nervous system and reduces anxiety.

Remember: If you have trouble in your knee, shoulders or suffer from back pain issues, or blood pressure then we advise you to take guidance of a yoga trainer.  

Warrior Pose – II / Veerbhadrasana – II

Veerbhadrasana is one of the most popular yoga postures which add beauty and courage to one’s yoga practice. No doubt this pose is helpful in many ways. Expand your chest, lungs and shoulders. Stimulate abdominal organs and digestion. Builds core strength in your torso, abdomen, spine and pelvic floor. Quiets your mind, calms your nervous system and reduces anxiety.

Remember: If you are suffering from high blood pressure or diarrhoea do not do practice this pose.

Chair Pose / Utkatasana

Chair Yoga is the term generally used to describe a gentle from of yoga that is practiced sitting in a chair or standing using a chair for support. It is not recognized formally as type of yoga distinct from other types, Iyengar Yoga or Ashtanga yoga. Chair yoga is quite different and due to that all people are unable to attain this yoga due to aging or disabilities. The benefit of Chair yoga is immense. People may use this yoga practice for different types of problem such as complication of hypertension, high blood pressure, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, vertigo etc.

Tree Pose / Vrksasana

Tree Pose, or Vrksasana, aimed to perfect the balance and focus of mind. In this pose, the lower body provides the support for the upper body as the body stands with grace and strength. Tree Yoga Pose or Vriksasana emphasizes alignment of the head, spine and hips.

Remember: If you have injury in your knee or back, we advise you to practice this pose with the help of a yoga teacher.


Uttanasana / Standing Forward Bend Pose

This is one of the forward bending yoga pose that helps you to stretches out your hamstrings and muscles of the belly. This pose helps to make your blood rush to your head, help your body to switch from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system. It also helps you to relax in mind.

Steps to do this pose:

  • Stand straight and raise your hands above your head and start inhale slowly.
  • Now bend forward and push your buttocks back until your palms touch the ground and see that your forehead can touches the knees. (If you have any problem in bending then you can try to bend your knees a little.)
  • Try to stay in the position until you feel comfortable and easy.
  • When you are deciding to return back to the standing pose, you need to inhale very slowly and comfortably.
  • Now brings your arms top of your head, raising your upper body. Do not jerk up.

Surya Namaskar / Sun Salutation

Sun salutation is a good asana or a set of asanas done in a series. It is very good one that can gives you flexibility and stretchability in the spinal column and helps you to gain a profound stretch to your entire body. This is a full body workout. It is good in detoxifying the internal organs of your body through copious oxygenation and also has very deep relaxing effect.

triangle pose

Ardha Matsyendrasana / Half Spinal Twist

This pose is especially designed to improve the capacity of lungs so that you can inhale and intake more oxygen. It is also good to stretches out your spne and tones your thighs and belly muscles. It stimulates the digestive system and helps you to digest food more easily. Boost your immune system. Reduce fats all over your body.

Steps to do this pose: 

  • Sit up with your legs stretched comfortably and try to keep your feet together.
  • Now bend your left leg slowly and try to place our heel of your left foot beside your right hip.
  • Now take your right leg comfortably over your left knee and try to place the left hand on the right knee and at the same time right hand behind you.
  • Now twist at the waist, neck and shoulders in a sequence that you may look right over the right shoulder.
  • Hold in this pose and take long breaths easily (in and out).
  • If you are thinking to come back to the starting pose, then start breathing out, now release your right hand, now release the waist and now chest and at lat the neck. Sit up straight and relax.
  • Try to repeat on the other side.

Remember: If you have the following issues like back injury, or back pain, you can try this pose but with the help of a yoga teacher.


Halasana / Plow Pose

This yoga is good for those people who sit for a long time and tend to have a very bad posture, because this yoga pose or asana helps to tone the muscles of buttocks and gives strength of your shoulders as well as your thighs. It is also a very good pose for glands, lungs and for abdominal organs, improves your digestive system and helps to balance your hormonal levels.

Step to do this pose:

  • Lie down on your back with your palm face downwards.
  • Raise your legs up to form a 90 degree to the floor.
  • Now try to bend them backwards slowly and comfortably that you can see your feet are behind your head and your toes nearly touching the floor.
  • Try to hold in this position for at least 5-6 seconds and come back to the original posture.
  • This yoga pose is helpful for constipation, liver problems and obesity.

Remember: if you are suffering from spleen or liver issues, diarrhoea or hypertension the avoid doing this pose, if you have nick injury also avoid this pose.


Bridge Pose or Setubandhasana

The Bridge pose is another name of construction of a bridge. The legs and the hips do most of the work which helps in rejuvenating tired feet.

Step to practice this pose:

  • Line on the ground with your knees bent, fit your knees together and arms on your side, and touch your palm on the floor.
  • Now lift your hips towards the ceiling but when you are moving your hip up, keep your feet and palms flat on the floor.
  • Now start doing this and move your arms over your head.

Benefits of Bridge Pose:

  • The benefits of this bridge pose are many.
  • After a certain time you will feel flexible and alert in both body and mind.
  • This back-bend will open your chest up and keep your spinal cord more flexible.
  • It improves digestion, helps relieve symptoms of menopause, reduce backache and headache.
  • Though this pose is quite simple but when you start practicing and be very careful when practicing.

Remember: If you have any neck or back pain issues or injury, then you should avoid this pose.

Child Pose

Balasana or child pose

Step to practice ‘child pose’.

  • Start in a kneeling position, now drop your butt toward your heels as you stretch the rest of your body and forward. When you are in a fully stretch position, rest your arms in a flexible and relaxed position along the floor, rest your stomach comfortably on top of your thighs, and now rest your forehead on your yoga mat. Gently press your chest on your thighs and hold for a few seconds.
  • Now slowly come up to sit on the heels and relax. While practicing this child pose don’t give pressure on your derriere to move nay closer to your heels than is comfortable.

Benefits of Child Pose:

  • There are many benefits of child pose yoga (Shishuasana).
  • It helps you to calm down the nervous system, relieves constipation and deeply relaxes for your back.
  • In the entire yoga system ‘child pose’ moves stretches your back and relaxes your whole body.

Remember: if you are pregnant or if you have any knee injury or you have diarrhoea then do not practice this pose.


You can practice Pranayama or called Breathing exercise is best for your mind and body relaxation and allows you to reach a peaceful state in your mind. There are different types of Pranayama in the entire yoga style you can start with a simple one and day by day can practice in different styles. Practicing just Pranayam regularly can throw out all but 90 percent of toxins from your body. Breathing is the vital source of energy. This last part of the workout helps you to get the immense benefits to regain all your strength and will help you to look forward with positive attitude for a better and bright life.


Kapalbhati Pranayama or Shining Forehead Breathing exercise

Kapalbhati pranayam: This form of pranayam helps to oxygenate your whole body while strengthening the muscles of your stomach and abdomen. This breathing exercise helps your flat toned tummy and improves your digestive systems as well.

Steps to do this pose: 

  • Inhale through your nostrils normally until and unless your lungs are full.
  • Now keep your inhalation slow but do not force. At the first time, feel the diaphragm move down, allowing the lungs to expand and forcing the abdomen out, and then just feel your chest expand with your collar bones rising last.
  • Now this is the time to exhale through both of the nostrils forcefully. This places emphasis of the breath on the exhale rather than the natural inhale.
  • Now you need to assist your exhalation by pulling your stomach muscles to expel air. Exhaling need to take much less time that it took to inhale.
  • Now repeat your breaths for 15- 16 minutes at least and take rest after every 5 minutes.

Remember: Try to avoid this exercise whether you suffer from high blood pressure, of if you have hernia or heart diseases.

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