What Is Kundalini Yoga and Benefits of Kundalini Laya Yoga

Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Laya Yoga

Kundalini Yoga was influenced by the tantra and shakta schools of Hinduism.

Laya yoga is a technique that connects your body and mind with meditative state. Kundalini Laya Yoga is a kind of meditative yoga. The benefits of kundalini Laya Yoga are many. The important thing or advantage of doing this yoga is improving awareness and awakening kundalini energy.

Benefits of Kundalini Laya Yoga

  • The aim of this yoga is to focus on awaking Kundalini energy through regular practice of pranayama, meditation, mantra and asana. This yoga is called the yoga of awareness.

Practitioners of Kundalini yoga believe, it affects the physical as well as emotional and spiritual conditions. If you practice Kundalini regularly, you would feel your flexibility increases and possible improvements will be seen in the functions of your digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Through, the poses Kundalini are also thought to tone and strengthen your body. If you suffer from asthama or bronchitis and practicing Kundalini yoga you can be benefitted practicing this yoga, but prior to practice you should consult a qualified and experienced yoga trainer, who can guide you better in this regard.

The Major Benefits of Kundalini Laya Yoga

  • One of the major benefits of Kundalini Laya Yoga or the yoga breathing exercise is expanding your lung capacity, or life force you draw in, which will also help your respiratory issues.

Kundalini yoga might be your gateway if you think you need more mental clarity and focus anytime in any area you like. The practitioners of this yoga are believed to improve these problems and get you connected to your intuition, helping you make better decisions that are not based in emotion. After a few weeks or a few months of Kundalini yoga practice, you might even notice you are not capable to improve your creativity and express yourself properly that you hardly could.

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