What is Laughter Yoga And What Are The Benefits of Laughter Yoga

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Laughter yoga is an efficient exercise. Every day only 10 minutes of yoga practice is good for your health. It is called the hearty laughter yoga, which is equal to 30 or more minutes of rowing, running or jogging exercises. This yoga is loved by everybody, especially for old people. People, especially the old people suffering from circulation issues can do this yoga with the help of a qualified yoga teacher, because only a qualified and experienced trainer can tell you how to practice this yoga properly.

Laughter Yoga is very popular yoga at present time. This yoga combines with interactive laughter exercises with deep centering calming and breathing movements. This is one of the most happiest and wellness yoga in the entire yoga styles. The benefits of laughter yoga are many. This yoga is said a very joyful way to connect with others and laugh.

Two Most Important Benefits of Laughter Yoga:

  • This yoga practice is full of fun.
  • This yoga is an effective stress relief yoga for all the ages and abilities.

Nowadays laughter yoga is recommended by many physicians. The effects and benefits of laughter yoga are undeniable, due to reason many physicians believe this is a best form of cardio-vascular exercise. Most of the laughter yoga exercise is initiated in the group with full body laughter exercises, eye contact, clapping and youthful playfulness. Aged people all over the world like to participate in laughter yoga session. 

The Core Benefits of Laughter Yoga

  • This yoga exercise helps increase more oxygen to our body and brain, by which we can be benefited in our daily work, where stress is common.
  • Regular laughter yoga exercise can reduce your mental pressure and useful for our sound sleep.
  • This yoga can heal you from inside out and help you think positive throughout the day.

Other benefits of Laughter yoga are:

  • Practicing this yoga boosts our immune system.
  • Increase oxygen intake capacity.
  • Helps you feel good.
  • Reduce blood pressure and promote emotional growth.
  • It improves your circulation.
  • It improves your diaphragm movement that causes more oxygen to be given to your cells.
  • It stimulates digestion as well as internal organs.

It is the time to raise your whole and overall sense of well-being with laughter yoga.

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  1. Hi, this Mohit here, i have read your recent post laughter yoga, it is very good.
    You know my mother also admitted in laughter yoga class last year in Salt Lake, now she feels more energetic and she has sound sleep every day. Thanks

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