How Uddiyana Bandha Yoga Strengthens Immune System and Treat Obesity

Uddiyana Bandha Yoga

You probably have heard of many yoga poses and pranayama that are good for immune system and obesity. But, have you tried only one yoga asana to boost your immune system and treating obesity?

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According to yoga experts, the UDDIYANA BANDHA YOGA asana helps strengthen your immune system and one of the most effective poses in treating obesity.

Let us see how this yoga pose helps you.

This asana mainly good for abdominal muscles. An effective asana involves the contraction of your abdominal muscles into the rib cage.

The Benefits of Uddiyana Bandha Yoga Asana

  • It helps you live longer by increasing the power and stamina of life.
  • It helps you keep your body strong and clean.
  • It strengthens the intestine and stomach.
  • It is an effective asana in treating obesity.
  • It is a good yoga asana in treating diabetes.
  • It is good for constipation and gastric issue.
  • It helps to balance the enzymes released by the liver and keeps your kidney healthy.
  • Apart from activating the MANIPURA CHAKRA and the SOLAR PLEXUS, this yoga asana strengthens the immune system.
  • It balances the mind.

When To Practice Uddiyana Bandha Yoga

It is better if you practice this yoga asana very early in the morning. Albeit, you can practice Uddiyana Bandha asana anytime a day, but practice early in the morning would be effective. Practice this asana on empty stomach and bowels.

How To Practice Uddiyana Bandha Yoga Asana

  • Sit comfortably in Lotus Pose/Padmasana Or Siddha Asana/Accomplished Pose.

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  • Keep your back portion straight.
  • Keep your hands firm on the knees.
  • Focus your attention on your breath.
  • Inhale deep through your nose.
  • Exhale quickly as well as forcibly through the nose.
  • Do not hurry, have patience, cool and calm from inside out.
  • Now, contract your abdominal muscles completely to push as much air as possible out of your lungs.
  • Now, the time to hold your breath. Try to hold as long as you feel comfortable.
  • Now, you can release your abdomen after a pause.
  • Now, repeat this process 4-5 times, but not more than that. Everyday practice is necessary to get the best possible results.
  • While doing this yoga asana, the process should be repeated 4-5 times – as said, before letting the air into lungs and resuming the normal breathing.

Things To Remember

If you have high blood pressure, hernia, hyperacidity, ulcers, back pain, for women having pregnancy or menstruation should consult a certified and experienced yoga expert or trainer, health instructor or doctor to avoid unwanted injury.

Enjoy Yoga For Good Health

Happy Practicing

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