What Are The Benefits Of Karnapidasana – Knee to Ear Yoga


Knee to Ear Yoga Or Benefits of Karnapidasana to Improve Your Sinus Blockage.

Ear pressure pose is known as Karnapidasana. This yoga pose is also called as Inverted Plow pose. One of the most important benefits of Karnapidasana is the pose increases the blood flow to the head that helps to restore ear health by releasing ear and sinus blockages in a natural way. Here in this article, we have discussed the benefits of Karnapidasan and how to practice this nice yoga that helps you improve many health issues. 

Steps to practice Karnapidasana: 

  • At first, you have to lie down on your back and your arms would be in resting position at your sides, your legs will be extended in front of you as if you are about to sleep.
  • Now take a deep breath and press your palms onto the floor.
  • Now release your breath as you lift your legs into the air. In the air you have to try to keep your legs as straight and together as you can, lifting them up and then put your legs over your head.
  • Now lift your butts off the floor as you can swing your legs over the head.
  • Now press into the floor with your upper arms and keep your arms parallel to your body.
  • Next, lift up your hands and put them under your lower back part to support your hips. Then keep your knees bend, holding them together.
  • Put your knees down towards your chin. Now take a deep breathe slowly into this position.
  • Next, lift your hips and drop your knees with releasing each your breaths.
  • In this way actually, you should be able to move into the proper and entire ear pressure pose. After that open your bend knees gradually and put them down on the floor on each side of your head.
  • Drop your legs to rest them on the floor from knees to toes. Then press the tops of your knees against the top of your shoulders blade.
  • Now stretch your arms down in a parallel position to each other and keep your palms open on the floor facing the ceiling. 
  • You should try to hold this position for at least 5 – 6 breaths and then release your breaths.
  • Finally, press your arms into the floor and slowly roll back your body to starting position to rest.

Benefits of Karnapidasana:

  • Ear pressure pose or Karnapadisana stimulates the thyroid glands, nervous system.
  • It also helps to improve digestion.
  • It helps to stretch the shoulders, neck, low back and spine.
  • It mitigates the stress label, fatigue and keeps your mind calm.

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