Did You Know That Your Everyday Food Can Be Replaced With Healthier Food?

Healthy Eating

We keep hearing nutritionists say that a diverse diet is a key to a healthy life and balanced diet. But, did you know that certain choices when you shop for groceries can put you on the right track towards a healthier diet? Maybe it is time for you to know that your regular, everyday foods have healthier alternatives that mean the fact that your body will get the nutrition of a higher quality while reaching the ideal weight of your body. And, don’t worry, because a healthier diet doesn’t mean that you’ll spend a small fortune on food. It means that you will be more careful about what you will buy, about the quantity, and portion size.

  • Eggs are good, but there are some even better

It is well known that eggs are extremely nutritious, but what if you swap your ordinary hen eggs on quail eggs. According to nutritionists, quail eggs are healthier than hen eggs, due to the fact that they contain more vitamins and minerals, and they have a lower fat content. Thus, if you are looking to lose weight, quail eggs will actually help you. In detail, quail eggs compared to a chicken egg have a lower cholesterol level, are a better option for people suffering from diabetes, and they are packed with vitamins B, A, D, C, and folate. You can cook quail eggs in any way you like, although it is true that you will need more in order to prepare a decent portion, as they are smaller than hen eggs.

  • Ditch sugar and go for stevia

While it can be rather easy to stop eating sweets, we do need a bit of sugar now and then, in our coffee, tea, or homemade desserts. Well, do know that there are quite a few natural sugar replacements that are healthier for you and protect your silhouette at the same time. Stevia extract, for example, is a great sweetener you can use in any way you like. It is usually found in the form of syrup and has a delighting flavour. Other healthy sweeteners can be maple syrup, organic honey, and dried dates, which go great when preparing homemade desserts.

  • Trade sunflower oil for healthier oils

Sunflower oil is widely used for preparing food, although it is not the healthiest oil out there. Sunflower oil has a rather low smoke point, which means that it can turn toxic quite rapidly at high temperatures. So, if you want to fry foods, it would be best to use an oil with a higher smoke point, like peanut oil, safflower oil, or coconut oil. Also, there are some oils that are more suitable to be used as they are, drizzled on salads, or used for low-temperature cooking, such as olive oil or grapeseed oil so that they maintain their properties. Why should we be using oil in our food? Well, even if you are looking to lose weight, you cannot ditch fats completely, as your body needs fats to function, but the healthy kind. So, you can easily get them from healthier oils.

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