Ayurvedic remedies of fever

Symptoms of fever:

When a person’s body temperature goes beyond the normal condition fever happens. Fever also featured by disturbance in the normal functioning of the body systems. This disease is very common among the adults and children. According to medical science, the average temperature of a healthy person in between 98.4 degree and 99.5 degree F.

Fever is usually seen with, slight shivering, headache  and pain in different parts of the body, sometimes the flow of urine is scanty. sickness behavior, lethargy, anorexia, depression and sleepiness. If the fever rises, the pulse and respiration become very faster.
A person should consult with a physician. However, we are giving here some of the common remedies one can follow.

Common Remedies of Fever:

You can take a bath in lukewarm water, because when you suffer from fever you body becomes hot and then you need a bath, this will help your body temperature down. Water should not be very cold, it should be light cool.

You can take a sponge bath which can be very effective for you in this condition. Sponging high heat areas like our armpits with slight cool water will reduce your body temperature as the water evaporates.

Drinking tea is also very effective for you. You can drink a cup of yarrow tea. This herb will open your pores and triggers the sweating that is said to move a fever toward its end.

The herb like elderflower also very much helpful to sweat. If you have cough, cold and flu the this herb helps you al lot.
Drinking a cup of hot ginger tea is very good, which helps for induce sweating.

Patient suffering from fever needs proper nutrition, hydration and rest to come round from fever.
The person can drink fresh fruit juice and plenty of water with the treatment. You can drink orange juice and other fresh fruit juices rich in vitamin-C are good for your health. This fruit juice will help you to boost your immune system in fighting off infection.

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