Ayurvedic remedies for Depression

  • Depression sometimes called low mood. Depression can affect a person’s sense of well-being, behavior, thoughts and feelings. This can be caused of anxiety, wordiness, guilt feelings, hurt and or restlessness. Such person generally loses interest in various activities. It also affects loss of appetite, concentration, remembering details, decision making etc.
  • Depression can be caused by several factors. It can happen if the life events and changes, menopause, financial difficulties, job problem, if suffers from acute disease, relationship problem, separation etc.
  • Remedies:
  • A depressed person should take any professional treatment from a qualified physician.
  • Though here we have provided some of the important herbs that can be used in this condition. Apple cashewnut, asparagus, cardamom, rose etc.
  • Person who is suffering from depression should be avoided coffee, tea, alcohol, colas and all the colored food.
  • Eat more vegetable, fresh fruit and fruit juices.
  • The person can do yoga, pranayam and or meditation. and can take part such a kind of exercise which can be good for him/her. This exercise not only help to keep the patient fit physically but also helps to improve mental health.

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