Ayurveda Helps You Improve Health, Balance & Energie Mind & Body

Objectives of Ayurveda The main aim of Ayurveda is to maintain the health of those who are well enough. This entails specific diet and nutrition, living habits, hygiene, exercises and or stabilizing... Read more »

Ayurvedic remedies of fever

Symptoms of fever: When a person’s body temperature goes beyond the normal condition fever happens. Fever also featured by disturbance in the normal functioning of the body systems. This disease is very... Read more »

Ayurvedic Remedies of Goitre

Goitre: Goitre is a disease which is characterized by the enlargement of thyroid gland. Symptoms associated with adrenergic stimulation–tachycardiac, tremor and or increased blood pressure. Goitre can be classified according to the... Read more »

Ayurvedic remedies for Depression

Depression sometimes called low mood. Depression can affect a person’s sense of well-being, behavior, thoughts and feelings. This can be caused of anxiety, wordiness, guilt feelings, hurt and or restlessness. Such person... Read more »

Ayurvedic treatment for Dandruff

At present time dandruff is one of the most common problem almost half of the population in a country have been suffering. Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the... Read more »