Ayurvedic Remedies of Goitre


Goitre is a disease which is characterized by the enlargement of thyroid gland. Symptoms associated with adrenergic stimulation–tachycardiac, tremor and or increased blood pressure. Goitre can be classified according to the growth pattern or size of the growth. Common cause of this disease is iodine deficiency, though selenium deficiency is also an another contribituing factor of this disease.

Symptoms of Goitre:

Goitre is treated in accordance with the symptom of the patient. Whether the thyroid gland is producing too much then the patient is prescribed with T3 and T4, radioactive iodine is prescribed to the patient to shrink the gland. If a patient suffers this disease only for iodine deficiency, then he or she is prescribed with small doses of iodide in the form of Lugol’s Iodine. Sometimes it is associated with underactive thyroid the physician prescribed thyroid supplements.

Types of Goitre:

This disease can be different types. In Ayurveda system this disease is called galaganda or called the enlargement of thyroid gland. A person who suffers from this disease, is seen the swelling of the gland in the neck and sometimes the gland becomes very large, for that reason the patient faces difficulty in respiration, swallowing foods and drinks.

Ayurvedic Remedies of Goitre:

According to the Auyrveda system Kanchanara is the medicine which is used in this condition. The bark of Kanchanara tree is given to the patient in this condition.
Dose can vary from patient to patient. In generally, 30m, 2 times a day prescribed on an empty stomach. Kanchanara is one of the important ingredient which is widely used in this treatment. Ayurveda physician generally prescribes a dose of 3-4 tablets 3-4 times a day with warm water or milk.
Food like barley, moong dal, drumstick, cucumber, juice, milk products are good in this condition. You can do exercise in this condition, but at first you should ask your physician.

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