Quick and Healthy Smoothie for Your Health

Healthy smoothie

Whether you are against in having greens or raw or cooked food that is advised by many physicians and or dieticians or nutritionists, then you can eat them in your smoothies alternatively. Though, now you can opt for some green foods, and the sense of taste of these foods just as fresh as it looks.

Try these………..


Whether you are among them who does not love to eat those nutritious veggies then do not worry, there is an interesting way to eat them, and we are sure you will love it.

Green and leafy vegetables are very good for health. These vegetables are rich in different vitamins, like vitamin A, C and K and others. Beyond question, a smoothie with this kind of vegetables, contains with various vitamins is healthy as well as tasty. This kind of smoothies you can find out described in books, blogs and healthcare websites, and gaining popularity day by day, because of its great taste and health-benefits.

This smoothies are great to detox and even healthier in your diet chart no doubt.

Here we have discussed some of the green smoothies, you can surely try.


Are you looking for some extra miles and wish to be a bit creative with your smoothie?

This fruit offers a bunch of nutritional benefits. You can mix a lavish thick pineapple, nutmeg, yogurt, mango, almond oil or spinach to your green apple smoothie. You can also mix soy-milk and or celery to make it differently.


You can do experiment with smoothies that can be great for your children to have a new one to eat fruit. Kiwis are very good source of C Vitamin, it also functions as antioxidants.

You can try this food, as it is very tasty fruit and interesting too. You can try Kiwi Strawberry, Kiwi Banana, Kiwi apple etc these are quite healthy and simply obtainable. Dieticians and nutritionists do advice against using these unripe fruits to prepare these kinds of smoothies.


Cucumber smoothie is simple to prepare, very energizing and delicious. It contains water and is very low on calories. It is perfect whether you wish to wash out toxins and if you have some skin-friendly minerals. And if you wish to lessen your weight then you must try cucumber smoothie to vitalize yourself in lieu of effervescent drinks. The smoothie has also some anti-inflammatory properties that will boost you to fight against heat. It is also good to stabilize your blood pressure and improve your digestion.


Whether you wish to have a delicious and creamy smoothie then you can try avocado, it adds a very soft and attractive feel to your smoothie without reducing the sense of your taste. This smoothie contains fibre and protein and has a several health benefits. For a delicious green avocado smoothie, you can mix a banana, a medium size avocado, a bit spinach and vanilla extract with it. Mixing some mango and almond oil can give you a better taste in it.


Hope you know that spinach is very healthy and a power pack of nutrients. It is very easily obtainable all time in the market. Spinach helps you to control blood pressure, maintain blood-glucose and helps you to fight against the risk of cancer. Benefits are endless. If you try to lessen the sharp taste of spinach, then you can mix a little for a milder taste. You can add a few mint leaves and strawberries to get a better taste of it. Yes it is true that it sounds quite unconventional but the outcome is really great.

Although, there are a few restrictions too.

The above mentioned smoothies can prove you a bunch of health benefits and you can have an interesting substitute to veggies, but these fixes cannot replace the benefits of eating veggies. Smoothies are generally energizing drinks which enhance your energy and assist your regular digestion, but it is directed to you to have vegetables of different colors in your regular diet.  There are also have an extra chances of risk, that an individual sometimes inclined to pack a variety of ingredients in a smoothie that leads to surplus the calories. So we are advised you to mix a minimum amount.

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