How To Practice Standing Forward Bend Pose Or Uttanasana


According to the name  Standing Forward Bend Pose you can understand that the pose is an intense stretch for your entire body. In this pose your legs fixed you with resolute determination onto the floor as your spine falls forward maintaining the balance and concentrate while promoting inner-calm.

Step to Practice Standing Forward Bend Pose:

  1. Start this Pose from high lunge pose, now step back your leg ahead enough to straighten both of your legs.
  2. Now keep your back foot flat enough on the ground with your toes facing ahead.
  3. Now round your spine, try to press your forehead ahead of your left knee and press into the back of the knees onwards the back wall.
  4. Take breathe and hold for at least 3-8 breaths.
  5. When you decide to release you can either step your right foot back and bendIn Sanskrit Uttanasana is called standing forward bend pose. Standing forward bend pose is a frequently practiced yoga postures in Hatha Yogayour left knee into the lunge or you can inhale your arms out and up with both of the legs straight.
  6. You should repeat it on the other side.

Benefits of Standing Forward Bend Pose:

  • Standing Forward Bend Pose extremely stretches your backs of the legs and helps to improve balance both mental and circulation.
  • Improves strength of your legs and hamstrings.
  • It helps to tone your abdomen.
  • It improves your digestive system.
  • It massages your liver and stomach.
  • Standing Forward Bend Pose enhances your complexion, you hair, your eyes and calms your brain.

You should use any one or more of the below mentioned Yoga Poses to build a series leading up to this Standing Forward Bend Pose: High Lunge, Warrior I, Warrior II

You should use any one of more of the below mentioned Yoga Poses to build a chain ending after this Standing Forward Bend Pose: High Lunge, Warrior I, Warrior II, Standing Splits, Half Moon, Revolved Triangle.

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