Best Yoga Poses That Will Make You a Better Lover


Doing yoga for a better sex life? Yes! There are scientific studies that prove the numerous ways in which yoga can change your body and your mind for a higher level of sexual enjoyment.

Practicing yoga on your own is one of the easiest ways to access those benefits. If you’re seeking sexual performance improvements specifically, there are numerouspositions and flows you need to become acquainted with.

Let’s check out some of the best yoga poses that will turn you into a better lover (and the reasons why these work so well.

Cat and Cow Flow

The cat pose (marjaryasana) and cow pose (bitilasana) are fairly simple and most people can learn the proper technique, even if they’re not experienced yogis.

Cat and cow are often performed together in a sequence. These positions loosen the spine and warm up the body. The two positions provide excellent opportunities to overcome daily stress and distance yourself from mundane issues. Needless to say, both of these are essential to get in the mood for some sexy time.

You can begin a short yoga routine with the cat-cow combination. Not only will these positions help you relax, they also activate the pelvic floor. A strong pelvic floor gives you better control during sex and it can also intensify your orgasms.

Pigeon Pose

While the pigeon pose isn’t one for beginners (unless you are naturally flexible enough), it’s another good yoga position to add to your routine.

To do the pigeon pose, you’ll need to complete a couple of steps:

  • Get on the floor on all fours
  • Bring your right leg in front of your body while keeping your left leg straight
  • Exhale and lean forward on top of your right leg
  • Go down as far as you feel comfortable
  • Release and repeat on the other side

The pigeon pose stretches your body and it also opens up the hips. It also makes you more focused on your breath and the importance of breathing control during sex is well-established.

Since the pigeon pose helps you stretch and it increases flexibility, it can be sexually beneficial in one more way. If you’re not very flexible, some sex positions will be quite uncomfortable, even impossible to try out. Adding pigeon pose to your exercise routine can change that in time.

Happy Baby Pose

Ananda balasana or happy baby pose is another hip opener. The good thing here is that you’re in control of the stretch, making the position suitable for just about everyone.

The happy baby position is excellent for reducing tension, releasing the lower back, the tailbone and the glutes. It also stretches the hamstrings and the spine. It’s easy to see how all of these will benefit your sex life, isn’t it?

Many people find that the happy baby pose helps them relax and cool down. It quickly delivers a sense of calmness and peacefulness. Not only that, the happy baby pose itself is a variation of the missionary position. That fact on its own is enough to make the yoga pose something fun to try out.

Since this is a way to stretch and calm down, you should consider adding the happy baby pose to the end of your yoga routine.

Bridge Pose

Chances are that you’ve done the bridge pose in an exercise class, even if you haven’t practiced yoga before.

Called setu bandha sarvangasana, the bridge pose has you on the floor on your back. Your hands are at your sides and the feet are hip-width apart. Next, you lift your pelvis off the ground while keeping the shoulders and the upper back on the floor.

The bridge pose is an excellent choice for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. It’s such a good practice that it can replace kegel exercises.

If you know how kegel exercises are done, you’re probably wondering how the bridge pose is similar. To keep your pelvis and your torso lifted off the ground, you’ll be squeezing the exact same muscles that you’ll activate when doing kegel exercises. This is how the bridge pose can increase sensitivity during sex and result in really powerful orgasms.

Eagle Pose

The eagle pose will require some work on your balance but it’s far from an advanced yoga technique. With some patience and regular practice, you’ll soon get to master it.

Garudasana is very often performed in the end of an exercise session, as a part of the cooldown routine. It’s best to check out instructional videos or work with an instructor to grasp the correct way to get into this position.

The eagle pose will benefit your sex life in a couple of ways.

The eagle is actually a part of Kama Sutra. When doing the pose, you’re squeezing the thighs together. This improves circulation in the pelvic and genital regions. Eagle pose requires focus, concentration and balance – a few great qualities that will make you a better lover.

A Few Additional Suggestions

Doing yoga and focusing on mindfulness can help you become much more attuned to your body, the needs of your lover and the overall sexual experience.

If you feel that your sex life could be elevated, don’t hesitate to explore yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Practicing yoga with your partner is another great idea. It builds trust and communication, helping you feel more relaxed around each other and more eager to work as a team.

Needless to say, communication is the key to good sex. Whether you’re going to try out a new position, explore fantasies or get some new sex toys like the ones offered at, you need to be aware, relaxed and excited about the opportunity.

Start out simple and be patient. Good things take time and practice. Get to know your body and all of the amazing things it can do. Don’t feel disappointed if you don’t experience instant change. Talk about your experiences and keep on practicing. Enjoy every single moment with your lover and learn from these experiences. In time, you’ll find out that your sex life is only getting better.

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