Crow Pose is the first arm balance for Yoga practice


Crow pose is also known as crane pose, is the first arm balance learned by yoga students.

Sit like a frog. Bend down into low squat, feet should face outward and elbows need to press against inner thigh. Now start from forward bend, stand with your feet 3-4 inches apart and bend at the waist until your palms touch on the floor or your yoga mat. You can bend your knees slightly, if you feel.

Place your hand wide that you can feel more stable once you are in the pose. Now to move into crow pose you need to bend your elbows and lift up onto your toes and try to make position your knees onto your triceps. Think that you are trying to get your knees into your armpits. Day by day practice you will feel more comfortable to do this crow pose yoga, but we believe one most important aspect to get the expertise in this crow pose is keeping your gaze forward. You should not look down at your hands or back. If you do this you may lose your balance and fall.

Lift one foot off the ground then the other. Always straight your arms and lift your back. You should try to straighten your arms as much as you can, they should not be splayed out to the sides. Round out your spine and draw your abdominal muscles inwards and upwards.

Move from crow pose to tripod headstand. Just tuck your chin into your chest and lean forward in a controlled manner until the top of your head touched the floor or your yoga mat. Slowly and slowly lift your legs straight upwards the ceiling. Be sure to squeeze that your elbows towards each other and squeeze your thighs together.

At the very first few days you will feel quite hard in doing this pose but day by day constant practice will be surely make you comfortable.

Benefits of Crow Pose: 

  • Crow pose builds confidence and healthy self-awareness.
  • This pose will also help you to reduce everyday stress and anxiety; you will feel calm and self-assured.
  • This yoga pose not only tones and strengthens your abdominal muscles but also the organs of the torso while you stretch the upper back and groins. After a long practice you can improve the balance and full-body coordination which is very essential in this yoga pose.
  • Crow pose strengthens arms and wrists.

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