The Top 4 Crucial Things You Need To Know Before Running A Proper Marathon


Are you someone who is both emotionally and physically preparing for your next marathon? Or perhaps you are determined to start challenging yourself in ways you have previouslynever experienced and are therefore ready to run your very first marathon?

Either way, running a marathon is simultaneously incredibly arduous and challenging yet exceedingly rewarding and stimulating. With that in mind, continue reading to discover the top four crucial things you need to know before running a proper marathon to ensure all your training pays off.

1.    Vaseline Is Your Best Friend!

During your training runs and gym sessions, you will no doubt be aware of the areas on your body that are prone to chafing and resulting rashes.

It is imperative, therefore, to start applying Vaseline or another non-toxic lubricating gel to these areas underneath your clothes, as there is nothing worse on the big day than having to take a break, slow down or even stop running the marathon due to skin irritations.

2.    Eat A High-Carbohydrate Breakfast On The Day Of The Race

A lightyet carbohydrate-heavy breakfast two or so hours before the marathon starts is the perfect fuel to ensure you have enough energy to keep you going as you run.

There is a myriad of benefits to consumingmeals high in carbohydrates, both on the day and from when you commence your training. Such benefits of carbohydrates include:

  • A substantial boost in energy levels
  • Heightened levels of mood and decreased stress levels
  • Increase the recovery time from high-impact training sessions
  • Healthier and hydrated skin
  • The provision of vitamins and minerals
  • The prevention of blood clots

When planning your meals and snacks whilst marathon training, it is helpful to know the basic facts about carbohydrates, which can be divided into three essential main categories; sugar, fiber and starch.

Natural sugars can be found in milk, cheese and fruits, starches are sourced from whole grains, potatoes and dried beans and the main source of fiber is fruits and plants.

3.    Wear Layers!

Even if you look out of the window on the day of the marathon and the nearby trees are swaying in the wind and rain is lashing upon the windows, it may well be a cold start but when running, it is normal for your body temperature to increase as the time goes on.

Wearing layers is a simple yet effective way of being able to better control and regulate your temperature and could make a big difference to your speed and pace during the run.

4.    Invest In Quality Training Gear

he importance of investing in some top-quality training gear from an established supplier, including a sturdy and durable water bottle, and choosing from a wide selection of Crossfit training backpacks, from a brand like Built For Athletes will stand you in good stead once you start your marathon training.

Comfy socks and durable running shoes are also crucial elements to keep in your training backpack at all times.

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