Swedish Massage Therapy; Uses And Benefits

Swedish massage therapy

The element of fatigue in daily routine results in accumulation of stress hormones that pose a serious threat to human health. The stress hormones reduce the motivation and working capability of the individual making it harder for him/her to manage deadlines and social relationships. Moreover, the hormones are able enough to affect human body both mentally and physically. Keeping a massage chair in your room or getting a massage therapy every now and then can do wonders when applied on the stressed tissues and muscles, as well as provide a feeling of relaxation and calmness.

The techniques applied in Swedish massage aims to change the brain chemistry by altering the amount of pressure on different trigger points in the direction of blood flow that ultimately results in the well-being of human health. Swedish massage therapy offers a wide range of health benefits ranging from relieving acute and chronic pain to relaxing the nervous system.

This article will enlighten you with some of the uses and benefits of Swedish massage therapy.

Swedish massage therapy
Swedish massage therapy

Relaxation and increased circulation

Swedish massage is considered as a well-known modality which aims to relax the whole body. The effective duration of the massage ranges between 30- 60 minutes in which all muscles of the body receive equal attention. The gentle strokes of Swedish massage act on the strained muscles and aid in the removal of stress hormones, enabling the body to gain a state of relaxation and alleviate mental stress. Secondly, the strokes enhance the working of the circulatory system and help in the removal of toxic waste from the body. The Swedish massage is famous for its movement in the direction of heart which increases the pace of blood flow carrying nutrients to all parts of the body hence enabling the body parts to consume the nutrients and perform their function effectively.

Pain relief

Swedish massage is widely used as an instrumental and strategic tool to relieve chronic and the pain incurred from sports injuries. A Swedish massage works on the principle of targeting specific trigger points such as sprained ankles and dislocated joints. If your body gets accustomed to regular massage, then you can prevent your body from ailments such as arthritis. The strokes of massage help in the rejuvenating the body by ensuring a proper blood flow to all systems of the body.

Fights away depression and anxiety

One of the major reasons for the increased popularity of Swedish massage therapy is its magical ability to provide relaxation by fighting away anxiety and depression. Medical research is the view that depression can affect your health badly and makes you vulnerable to other chronic diseases. Just a single massage session can provide results by lowering the heart rate and striking a considerable reduction in the levels of insulin and cortisol. The strokes of massage aid in the regular removal of lactic acid from the muscles that result in the effective functioning of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for controlling the blood pressure by timely discharging the metabolic waste and prevents you from the heart attack and kidney failure. Therefore, controlled blood pressure is the key to achieve the goal of balanced health.

Swedish massage therapy
Swedish massage therapy

Complementary alternative medicine

Swedish massage therapy is considered as an alternative complementary medicine that can fasten the pace of recovery if followed with conventional treatment. The use of Swedish massage as an alternative medicine proves that it is the most beneficial and result oriented natural treatment. The good thing about this therapy is that it uses the mild pressure that does not have any harmful effects on your body. The strokes of Swedish massage unlike other massage techniques give due weightage to mind, body, and spirit.

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