Top 100 Therapeutic Benefits of Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

The health benefits of massage therapy are varied. Generally massage or massage therapy is nothing but a manual therapy which helps us to manipulate the soft-tissues as well as decrease the muscle tension, headache, anxiety, stress, pain, depression and much, much more. The benefits of massage therapy can be seen applying different massage types or techniques. The power of touch in today’s high tech world is undeniable. Research found that the simple act of placing one’s hands on body can encourage an individual to thrive.

The number of massage therapists has increased by 14% over the last decade. It has become an industry. The massage can be given anywhere from the beach or in a portable shelter while listening to the wave crash on the shore or even in the sports.

Sports massage has been suggested as a means to help prepare an athlete for competition, as a tool to enhance athletic performance, as a treatment approach to help the athlete recover after exercise or competition, and as a manual therapy intervention for sports-related musculoskeletal injuries.

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Therapeutic Benefits of Massage Therapy

Human beings need to nurture through touch because touching and soft to mild pressure accelerate healing. Touching and gentle pressing have a positive effect on caregivers. So the benefits of massage therapy are undoubtedly there when you take massage on a regular basis, which helps you to live a pain, anxiety, depression, headache, and other diseases free life. Some people take herbal supplements such as kratom alongside massage, to assist with pain relief, anxiety and depression. Let us see the 100 most powerful benefits of massage therapy.

  1. Massage therapy can help you to relieve stress and you can attain a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Massage therapy is good to encourage relaxation. You can easily relax, repeat and reset.
  3. Experts believe massage is good to improve your body posture and body posture movement. If you have bad habit and/or poor body posture it can help you a lot to correct.
  4. Massage therapists believe massage can improve your blood circulation. The pressure used in massage therapy helps you to move blood in different congested areas throughout your body, thus better blood circulation.
  5. Massage therapy helps to reduce blood pressure, if you have high BP or blood pressure you can consult with a certified massage therapist who can assist you in this regard. You may have lots of misconceptions about massage and high blood pressure. Massage can be one of the effective ways to stave off high blood pressure.
  6. If you have neck pain, upper back and lower back pain or even muscle pain then massage therapy can be your solution.
  7. Massage therapy can easily promote deeper as well as easier breathing. If you are suffering from breathing issues, if you have anxiety, stress and tension and you are suffering from breathing problems then consult with a certified massage therapist to solve these issues.
  8. Massage therapy is well-known for improving flexibility and range of motion. Old people suffer from tight joint they need flexibility in joints to walk, sit and stay normal life, so massage can be their great help.
  9. Massage therapy, especially head massage therapy which is widely known in India helps to reduce headaches and migraines.
  10. If you are suffering from immune system disorder then regular massage can naturally increase the cytotoxic dexterity of your immune system.
  11. It is seen that massage therapy helps your body to pump more and more oxygen as well as nutrients into tissues and other important organs, so it helps you to enhance post-operative rehabilitation.
  12. It is true that rehabilitation can be very frustrating. But not to worry when you can take massage therapy that helps you improve rehabilitation after injury. It helps you to relax, calm and stay motivated.
  13. Massage therapy helps you to reduce or eliminate pain.
  14. Massage therapy improves your joint mobility.
  15. Massage therapy helps you to improve lymphatic drainage
  16. If you are suffering from muscular tension massage can reduce it.
  17. Massage therapy is widely used for the purpose of treating both acute as well as chronic conditions of all ages, in the treatment of injury, illness, rehabilitation as well as disability.
  18. If you are suffering from anxiety, headache and/or depression then consult with a massage therapist for help.
  19. Massage is good for back, leg and neck pain or other body parts.
  20. If you have repetitive strain, often called carpal tunnel syndrome then massage can prove better for you.
  21. Massage is good for dislocations.
  22. Massage found effective for the purpose of fractures and edema.
  23. There are different types of massage therapies available used for headaches.
  24. Massage is highly beneficial for insomnia.
  25. Massage therapy is good for multiple sclerosis.
  26. Massage is found effective for muscle tension and spasm.
  27. These days different sports organizations look for certified and professional massage therapist to handle the sports injuries.
  28. Massage is effect for stress and stress related conditions.
  29. Massage is good for tendinitis.
  30. Massage is found useful for asthma and emphysema patients.
  31. Massage is good for chronic fatigue syndrome.
  32. If you have fibromyalgia then massage can help you.
  33. Massage therapy is used for the purpose of gastrointestinal disorders.
  34. These days massage is widely used for tackle inflammatory conditions like arthritis and bursitis.
  35. It is found that massage therapy works better in the time of pregnancy and labour support.
  36. If you are suffering from back pain, be it upper or lower back pain Swedish Relaxation Massage with gentle, light and medium pressure on muscles, Deep Tissue Massage with deeper pressure around your grain of muscles and Hot Stone Massage using smooth, water-heated stones that helps to increase circulation as well as relaxing muscles can be helpful for you.
  37. Regular massage can be good for pain relief and sleep.
  38. Your massage therapist can guide you better when you think to take hand massage. Massage gets new, oxygen-rich blood, flow into the locations that might have grown blocked and/or sore. You can get immense benefits from regular massage therapy.
  39. Regular shoulder massage is good for pain and stiffness in shoulder. Deep Tissue Massage is good for this condition. It works around the grain of muscles and Swedish Massage can also provide you instant relief from tension, shoulder stiffness and pain.
  40. Regular massage helps you keep entire body free from pain; it is good if you are suffering from neck pain as well.
  41. People who are facing stress on knees, or pain on knees, joints or anywhere else can get the benefits of massage therapy. The majority of adult men and women sometimes troubled by osteoarthritis as their cartilage, in this condition massage therapy can help them a lot.
  42. Myofasical pain generally affects both men and women. It is found that the majority of women than men suffer from fibromyalgia; in this condition Deep Tissue Massage and Hot Stone Massage work equally well for both the genders. Whether you suffer from muscle knot or deep ache then regular myofascial massage can give you relief.
  43. Massage can be highly effective in treating sciatica pain. According to WebMD a study of more than 400 people with lower back pain who have taken weekly massage and (who have permitted whatsoever they liked, such as alternative to massage therapy like medication, physical therapist or no treatment or therapy has taken), after 2 and half months men and women who had taken massage therapy reported better functioning and less pain.
  44. Carpal tunnel massage therapy is good for those people who have suffered from pain, numbness in wrists and or hands. These types of issues are called carpal tunnel syndrome.[Know more about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the Amazing Benefits of Massage Therapy.
  45. Massage therapy can prove very useful in dealing with the affects of treating cancer like nausea and fatigue. The benefits of massage therapy are many. Massage can help you to fight against anxiety and stress that come with any cancer diagnosis.
  46. If you have tight calf muscles then you certainly have shin splints, because they increase the stress on your lower leg. If you take Deep Tissue Massage which is good for stretching muscles and helps you to release tension and tightness. Also you can take Relaxation Massage that helps you to improve circulation by moving lymphatic fluid. Sports Massage is also good for muscle tendon junctions.
  47. Massage is good for TMJ i.e. Temporomandibular Joint.
  48. If you want to keep your shoulder muscles flexible enough then massage therapy is good for you. It helps you to reduce pain and stiffness in your rotator cuff.
  49. If you are dealing with congenital scoliosis that has been present from your birth time, neuromuscular scoliosis that has caused by other muscular weakness or ailments or functional scoliosis that has been happed by injury, posture, spasms or body compensation patterns then Cranial Sacral TherapyDeep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage are good for this condition.
  50. In the time you feel pain to shampoo your hair or put your arms around your friends to shot a phone, the issue may be raised which is known as frozen shoulder, this is a kind of stiffness and soreness that can last for a couple of years, so Swedish Massage and Trigger Point Therapy can help you.
  51. When you play tennis, pain or rake, you do repetitive arm movements that can give strain on your tendons. The point where tendons connect to your outside elbow the bone becomes very painful as well as tender. This condition is called tennis elbow. If you take massage therapy with the help of certified and experienced massage therapist it can help lengthen muscles, loosen the scar tissue and provide you very deep pain relief. Sports Massage Therapy is good for this condition.
  52. Diabetics Type I and Type 2 patients can get the benefits of massage therapy. Massage therapy can give them relaxing effects. In this condition massage is really helpful in relieving stress, lowers the heart rate and BP i.e. blood pressure and increase endorphin.
  53. Massage therapy helps to lift the depression. People who are suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis, sports injuries and depression can get help from massage. Massage helps them to improve physical abilities and lower depression.
  54. Massage therapy is not only good to get relaxation but also help you lowering the anxiety.
  55. Massage is good for tendinitis.
  56. Massage therapy helps you to improve the range of motion, also keeps your muscles more supple to reduce the chances of injury.
  57. If you are suffering from tightness, stiffness as well as soreness in your neck, or swelling, bruising, redness or tenderness, or if you are suffering from dizziness as well as pain in the time you move your head, feel headache, ringing in ears etc. then massage therapy can be your great help.
  58. Couple of years ago Gout was a rich man disease, but now it is spread everywhere, men and women both are suffering for the same. When you feel sudden pain in your big toe, foot, ankle, elbow, wrist, hand etc. you can consult with your doctor if it is gout, also you can consult with a certified and professional massage therapist to get the benefits of massage therapy for Gout.
  59. If you have insomnia you cannot have good sleep, you can suffer from sleeping disorder. This can be the cause of general or other stress, hormonal change, change of time, short term pain, chronic pain or so forth. But do not worry you can get the benefits of massage therapy if you are suffering from insomnia. It helps to reduce your depression level, improve circulation and improve your sleep time. Massage therapy can be your natural treatment for insomnia.
  60. Massage therapy has long been known for the purpose of relieving stress and reducing tension. It is good for multiple sclerosis.
  61. Have you heard that massage is good for Asthma? Yes it is right. Stress makes any condition worse and asthma is not an exception. Massage therapy strengthen the chest muscles that helps to improve the circulation of your pulmonary function good for asthma. You can also use Aromatherapy that can give you deep relaxation, also helps you to reduce asthma.
  62. You should know the benefits of massage therapy for menstruation. Women experience monthly pain because of menstruation, if they get massage therapy, they can reduce the pre and post menstrual pain.
  63. Massage therapy helps to improve circulation. You can consult with a certified and professional massage therapist who can recommend you to get relief from RLS, i.e. restless leg syndrome.
  64. Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis are nothing but diseases of skeletal system. If you are suffering from one or multiple as mentioned, you can get the benefits of massage therapy. It helps to improve your condition when you take massage on a regular basis.
  65. University of Minnesota and University of Miami showed in different studies that massage therapy is very effective for cancer patients. It is often called cancer massage or cancer massage therapy. Most of the cancer patients feel anxiety and pain, including depression when they know they are suffering from cancer. Massage therapy help them to improve the situation.
  66. Most of the adults have already developed the skills they really need; massage therapy can give them extra help in dealing with depression, anxiety, headache and stress, all of which can come from the living with cerebral palsy.
  67. Muscle spasm or muscle cramps usually catch you by surprise particular medications, dehydration as well as overexertion. If you take Hot Stone MassageTrigger Point Therapy and Sports Massage, you can be benefitted decreasing muscles soreness and reduce the spasm and cramps.
  68. When joints repeat the same movement over and over again cause bursitis. If you can avoid the repetitive movement you can get relief from bursitis. Massage therapy like Swedish Relaxation MassageDeep Tissue Massage and Hot Stone Massage can work well in this condition.
  69. Massage therapy promotes relaxation as well as sleep in those who are undergoing chemo or radiation therapy
  70. According to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, massage therapy boosts patients’ white blood cell count. This blood cell plays a significant role in defending the body from ailments.
  71. Massage improves immune function for people who are suffering from HIV.
  72. Massage has immediate effect on perceived headache, tension and pain.
  73. Massage promotes nervous system functioning.
  74. Massage therapy helps you to improve mood, thus improves intellectual reasoning as well as job performance.
  75. Massage stimulates the nervous system that helps you to reduce muscle atrophy.
  76. Regular massage can tone your muscle.
  77. Massage helps you to rectify sluggish circulation.
  78. Massage also good for people with painful hand as well as wrist arthritis.
  79. Massage helps you to relieve postoperative pain.
  80. Massage helps to improve balance in older adults.
  81. Massage helps to temper the effects of dementia.
  82. If you do exercise then massage is good for you. It helps you to enhance the exercise performance.
  83. Massage therapy can be your easy problem solver of depression.
  84. Massage improves your cardiovascular health.
  85. Massage therapy is good for migraine. It helps to decrease the migraine frequency.
  86. Massage improves the quality of life in hospice care.
  87. Massage helps to reduce the chemotherapy-related nausea.
  88. Whether you have sleeping disorder of any kind consult your massage therapist for help. It is good for sound sleep.
  89. Massage therapy is effective to sever physical pain.
  90. Regular or monthly massage therapy gives therapeutic relief to the people of all ages as well as all walks of life. It is good for competitive athlete to home gardener and to the over-stressed business people.
  91. Massage helps you to release endorphins, the body’s most important and natural painkiller.
  92. Massage helps you to increase joint flexibility.
  93. Massage can help you to recover from strenuous workouts.
  94. If you suffer from pain after exercise you can relax taking massage and reduce pain.
  95. Chair massage therapy helps you to eliminate different types of health issues.
  96. Massage reduces lactic acid build up.
  97. Massage is effective for fibromyalgia.
  98. Massage therapy is another name of stress management.
  99. Massage therapy works great for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders.
  100. Regular foot massage with reflexology helps to promote psychological and physical well-being.

Some important things that you should know about massage therapy. Massage is not at all medicine. It is nothing but a complement to your physician-prescribed for different types of treatment. Though, the benefits of massage therapy are many.

Things You Should Know About Massage

You should enjoy experiencing a massage or massage therapy, and it should not increase your anxiety or pain or ache. You should consult with your physician and massage therapist beforehand can ensure that the massage or the therapy you are going to take can be suitable for you as well as help you to attain the beneficial results.

If you feel better, relieve discomfort, reduce stress levels, feel more and more relaxed and have a body functions more effectively and efficiently then you can schedule regular appointments with your professional and certified massage therapist. Massage is not only for rich, but also it treats reserved just for the purpose of special occasion. With the growing number of research and the recognition of the benefits of massage therapy in the healthcare arena, massage is no doubt a “Kneaded” component of your overall health and wellness regimen.

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