How Yoga Poses Help You to Beat Erectile Dysfunction

Yoga to Beat Erectile Dysfunction

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? Have you heard that yoga can cure or beat erectile dysfunction? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you have certainly come to right place. Here in this article we will help you to know how to beat erectile dysfunction through yoga poses. We will tell you about top ten yoga poses that can easily cure or help to beat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation at the same time. Yoga is good for curing your erectile dysfunction.

Why Yoga Is Good for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation?

Couple of years back the majority of male suffered from reproductive issues were related to age factors. At present time there are other issues found to play guilty too, some of them are depression, anxiety, stress, headache, poor or improper diet, irregular habits of eating, particular chronic ailments, such as diabetes, high BP i.e. blood pressure can cause these types of issues. Many sufferers found yoga is one of the best ways by which one can beat erectile dysfunction and cure premature ejaculation. With Yoga, Pranayama or Breathing Exercises and Meditation you can beat erectile dysfunction easily. Yoga poses like Thunderbolt Pose can enhance the outcome further.

How Yoga Helps You to Beat Erectile Dysfunction?

Yoga is widely known to improve and cure your testosterone levels as well as increase your blood-flow to your entire pelvic region, which is good for you to beat erectile dysfunction.  You can try these ten yoga poses or asanas everyday or include in your exercise routine as well as reap the benefits in your bedroom. These yoga poses not only help you to beat erectile dysfunction, but also delay ejaculation or called premature ejaculation by contracting the same muscles just before you orgasm.

Yoga Poses to Beat Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

Yoga poses, such as – Warrior Pose I (You can see Warrior Pose II and Warrior Pose III), Power Pose, Seated Forward Bend Pose, Plank Pose, (You can see Side Plank Pose), Raised Legs Pose, Boat Pose, Bow Pose, Camel Pose, Abdominal Stretch Pose and Standing Forward Bend Pose can increase energy as well as blood flow to your pelvic region, thus you combating erectile dysfunction. Boat Pose and Bow Pose yoga are very effective asanas to stimulate one’s reproductive organs. Day to day you practice day by day you will get strength in your pelvic area and stimulate your reproductive organs and beat erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and also attain a stronger orgasm.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction often called ED or the impotence of men. It is nothing but a sexual dysfunction which is characterized by the inability to develop as well as maintain an erection of one’s penis in the time of sexual activity. Experts say, a penile erection is nothing but a hydraulic effect of blood entering as well as being retained in sponge-like bodies within the penis. In short, it is an inability to get an erection strong enough to drive into the sexual intercourse. The majority of men experience this dysfunction in the time of stress.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation often called ejaculation. It is uncontrolled or unmanaged ejaculation before or after the sexual penetration. Most of the time it occurs shortly after the sexual penetration with minimal sexual stimulation as well as before an individual wishes. The outcome is dissatisfaction in sex life for both the partners. This situation can increase stress, anxiety, depression and many other mental issues.

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