6 Situations When To Get Foot Massage Therapy

Foot Massage

Foot massage is a small luxury that comes with tremendous benefits. It offers a variety of benefits to enhance your wellbeing and overall health. Perhaps you’re not sure of when to visit a spa near you for a foot massage session. A professional massage therapist has the experience and expertise to perform a simple foot massage that will make you feel better. Let’s see 6 situations when to get foot massage therapy.

When you have high blood pressure

This is a major cause of heart attacks. The first thing most people with high blood pressure do is to opt for a lifestyle change and medication. Well, these can tremendously help to lower your blood pressure. However, getting a regular foot massage helps a great deal in managing the condition. A massage therapy session significantly reduces diastolic and systolic blood pressure according to studies.

Foot Massage
Foot Massage

Dealing with symptoms of menopause and PMS

The foot has a massage point in the arch of the foot that alleviates symptoms of menopause and PMS. This point is about a thumb in width from the ball of your foot. Professional therapists know how to locate this arch for massage. At the end of your massage session, you’ll feel much relieved from symptoms including:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Tension

Managing cancer and effects of chemotherapy

Chemotherapy has some unpleasant side effects including vomiting and nausea. These might make it hard for you to complete medication. According to the Cancer Council, visiting one of the foot massage places near me will come with tremendous benefits. These might include:

  • Make you feel whole again
  • Make you relax
  • Sharing your feelings freely
  • Feel more positive about your body
  • Regain hope

Coping with multiple sclerosis symptoms

Multiple sclerosis comes with a variety of problems including blindness in one eye, trouble with coordination, double vision, and muscle weakness. Luckily, getting a massage session will give you some relief from these symptoms. The foot massage therapy is not a substitute for multiple sclerosis medicine but will give you relief from spasms, enhance circulation, and alleviate pain.


When pregnant

Pregnant women are liable to swelling of the feet and ankles. This results from the accumulation of fluid causing severe pain. It usually happens during the 3rd trimester. A 20 – 30-minute foot massage session will give you relief. Additionally, this massage will make your body heal much faster and get normal metabolic activity faster.

Relief from headache

Do you get regular headaches? It’s high time you visited a massage parlor for afoot massage session. This is an effective way to get rid of headache. Regardless of whether the headache is related to sinuses from tension in the neck or shoulders, a massage will give you relief. A professional therapist understands the right spots to massage on your foot to relieve headache at the front or the back of your head effectively.

Foot massage can have a significant impact on your general wellbeing and overall health. It helps to alleviate symptoms of multiple sclerosis, menopause, headache, and the side effects of chemotherapy. When pregnant, a foot massage session will give you energy and alleviate swelling of the legs and ankles. The trick is to visit a reliable massage parlor with professional therapists.

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