What Are the Benefits of Yoga and Yoga Therapy

Benefits of yoga therapy

American osteopathy association believes, yoga is good for treating various mental and physical disorders. The benefits of yoga are many and widely applied in osteopathic treatment as well.

Yoga mainly focuses on your body’s natural tendency regarding health as well as self healing. According to Natalie Nevis, DO, a board certified osteopathic family doctor as well as certified instructor of Kundalini Yoga in Hollywood, California, – the main purpose of yoga and yoga therapy is to build strength, awareness as well as harmony in mind and body, so that you can live a happy and harmonious life.

Benefits of Yoga therapy
Benefits of Yoga therapy

There are hundreds and thousands of yoga schools you see in each country these days, offering yoga courses, but the greater number of sessions are typically combine with Pranayama or Breathing Exercises, Dhayan or Meditation and other assuming yoga asanas, which is often called yoga poses of yoga postures that stretch as well as bend a variety of muscle groups.

In accordance with Dr. Nevins, yoga is one of the greatest tools to help you stay fit and healthy, because yoga is based on the same principles. He also said that he truly focused on preventive medicines as well as practices, and in the ability of one’s body.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

It is said that the techniques of relaxation associated with yoga can reduce one’s chronic pain and other disorders, like upper and lower back pain, arthritis, depression, anxiety, headaches and CTS i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Nevins also added that yoga can reduce blood pressure and control insomnia.

Benefits of Yoga therapy
Benefits of Yoga therapy

The Other Physical Benefits of Yoga are:

  • Yoga increases flexibility and improves muscle strength.
  • Yoga tones your overall body muscles.
  • Yoga can improve your respiration and energy.
  • Yoga can maintain a balanced metabolism.
  • Yoga is good for weight gain and weight loss, even these days, yoga is widely used as a best exercise for zero figure.
  • When we discuss about the benefits of yoga, we certainly discuss about cardio and circulatory health. Yoga is good for solving cardio and circulatory health issues.
  • Yoga can improve your athletic performance, these days millions of athletes do yoga for better performance and flexibility.
  • Yoga is good for protecting or preventing injury.


Benefits of Yoga therapy
Benefits of Yoga therapy

Mental Benefits of Yoga

Besides the physical benefits of yoga, one of the best yoga benefits is how it helps you handle the stress, depression, anxiety and headaches that are known to have traumatic effects on mind and body. According to Dr. Nevis, yoga is good for enhancing skills and reaching the more positive outlook towards life.

Yoga is connected with breathing exercise or Pranayama and Dhyan or Meditation that helps improve one’s metal as well as physical ability and focuses on overall all well-being. Dr. Nevins says, if you practice yoga on a regular basis, you can create mental clarity as well as calmness of mind; you can increase body awareness, reduce stress, relax in mind and hone your concentration.

Benefits of Yoga therapy
Benefits of Yoga therapy

Yoga for Beginners and Seniors

There are hundreds of yoga practices, it is not impossible to start for anybody. As yoga is for all people. Yoga for beginners, yoga for seniors, yoga for men, yoga for women, yoga for children, yoga for nonflexible and nonyogis, anyone, anytime can practice yoga alone or under the guidance of a yoga expert.

If you are a couch potato kind of person or a sportsman, your size and level of fitness never matter, because there are a variety of modifications for each yoga posture and the beginner or senior yoga classes in every style. Yoga can be your best way in tuning the body and exploring your mind for inner self.

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