Is Garland Pose Yoga an Excretion Pose?


Garland Pose is also called Malaasana (Sanskrit). This pose is called Excretion Pose or Relieving Pose.

Mala means – dirt or rubbish. This pose helps to purify our body from dirt, rubbish or filth. This yoga pose is very much beneficial for physical and moral and for any bodily excretion or secretion. This asana or yoga is a simple pose designed to help relieve stress and increase your focus. Practicing this pose regularly can help you to relieve menstrual discomfort, helps to improve your balance and opens your hips. Malasana stretches the ankles, groins and back, tones the belly and can provide relief from lower back strain.

You can try this pose, in standing in Mountain Pose. Always make sure that your feet are together. Now bring your arms out straight in front of you that your hands are even with your shoulders parallel to the ground. Slowly exhale, and spread your knees apart and try to lean forward in between them. Now you need to bring your palms together as if you are thinking to stay in this yoga pose for a few breaths.

You can use a folded blanket under your heels, if you think this yoga pose is difficult to practice.

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