Top 10 Indian Quick and Healthy Breakfasts

Physicians sometimes talk about the benefits of a good breakfast that can fulfill all the necessary nutritional value for your health. Doctors believe a healthy breakfast is utmost important for your everyday life, as you take the good and healthy breakfast and go for your work, it not only gives you the entire benefits of nutritional value, that you need everyday but also gives you lot of energy to work the whole day. And, surely all the people do not have enough time to prepare an elaborate and healthy breakfast early in the morning every day.

Here we are discussing some of the top 10 Indian healthy breakfasts that you can make easily and very quickly. These breakfasts can provide you almost all the nutritional value that you need every day in your breakfast dish and boost your energy level to start your day.

Aloo Paratha: Is one of the well known foods in India, hardly can you find anybody who does not know the name ‘Aloo Paratha’. This dish is not very difficult to prepare, as you need aloo (potato) and you definitely know how to make paratha. You can mix curd or pickle with aloo paratha that will be very delicious and nutritious breakfast in the morning to boost you to work the day with a power punch.

alo parata

Dosa: Is one of the most popular and well know Indian food. A whole wheat dosa, commonly know as adhai, is one of the most healthy food that you can apply in your breakfast. This food is compact with multiple healthy nutrients that can help you to boost up energy and start a great day.


Idli:Is one of the well known food. Idlis are full of vitamins, carbohydrates and essential minerals. This is one of the healthy food that are made without oil or masala. You can eat idli with a pinch of honey or peanut butter, whether you do not find chutney.


Upma:Is one of the healthy and most favorite food in India. As for myself I am very much fond of this food. It tastes great to me. This is one of the foods made out of ‘Sujia’ and you can add veggies with it to get the proteins, vitamins, iron and carbohydrates. This food is beyond doubt perfect for your busy day.


Poha:Is a food will take a few time to make properly, but tastes great and incomparable for a filling meal. You can use veggies and some peas to make it more delicious and nutritious.


Sabudana khichdi: Sabudana khichdi is very nutritious and healthy breakfast for all time that can gives you energy for a long time. This food is rich in starch and carbohydrates are full of energy and healthy one. The food is very easy to digest and the fat content is very low. Jump for this food and start your great day.

Eggs: You can eat egg in different way. But here we are telling you to try in Indian-style. You can eat egg with masala omlete, boiled egg (rather can eat half boiled egg), egg sandwich and so forth are healthy breakfast dishes for you. Whether you use brown bread and make it with little spices and oil with a masala omlete or a half boiled one, then I must tell you this food is matchless one that can gives you high nutrition in your morning breakfast.


Khakra:Is one of the most famous food (roti) that is very well know in India, especially in Gujrati households. This food will gives you high nutrition for a whole day. Khakra is served by chutney, ghee, curd, honey etc.


Daliya: Is a very healthy and delicious dish for breakfast. This food gives you fibres and carbohydrates which is very good and first choice almost 40 percent of the Indian. You can make it without any extra effort.


Sandwich (Desi), Indian: A sandwich with some of the important veggies like tomatoes, potato and chutney and you can use some other healthy veggies can gives you an unparallel breakfast for a long time. If you usually take you meal late every in the noon then this food will helps you a lot. You can make Indian sandwich according to your choice.


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