What Are Benefits of Amatsu Massage Therapy?

Amatsu Massage

Amatsu often called Amatsu Massage is nothing but a blend of modern research and a primitive Japanese Physical Therapy that dates back more than 5 thousand years. These days, the principle of Amatsu massage teaches several new things that have been taken from its Ancient Japanese School of Hi Chi Bu Ku Goshin Jutsu. The benefits of Amatsu Massage therapy was first came in United Kingdom from Japan approximate 12-15 years ago by three Westerners; named Dennis Bartram, William Doolan, and Chris Roworth. They taught Amatsu and granted for Master Teaching Licenses by Dr. Hatsumi, who hold the original scrolls detailing about the principle of Amatsu massage as well as methodology. He was also a well-known grandmaster of nine martial arts schools.

Techniques Used in Amatsu Massage

Amatsu massage uses a combination of massage techniques, such as general massage, mobilization, re-patterning, balance of cranial, balance of energy, as well as stimulation of acupressure points. It is found good for all types of people and ages, from young kids to pregnant mums, and for people who are in advanced years, or people with few or limited mobility. These days, more than 100 practitioners are practicing Amatsu outside of Japan. Amatsu Massage Schools established in different places in the world, such as Hartlepool, Doncaster, Dublin, Croxley Green, Germany and more.

How Can Amatsu Help You?

Amatsu can help you relieving many disorders, such as …..

Backache, shoulder ache & neck pain,
Sciatica and sports injuries,
Strains, sprains and pain relief,
Postural problems,
Headaches & insomnia,
Arthritis, Joint problems,
Baby colic & reflux,
Pregnancy care,
IBS, Tennis elbow, Asthma, Stomach problems and Golfer’s shoulder.

Things to Expect During Amatsu Massage or Amatsu Treatment

Amatsu massage or treatment is often called a balance treatment, which lasts for half an hour. In the time of balance, a complete picture of issues given using observation, touch, and sometimes muscle testing. There are different types of methods or combination of techniques applied in accordance with your need. These include:

  • Massage, mobilization, re-patterning, cranial balancing, stimulation of acupressure points etc.

Whether your bones are out of alignment, due to soft tissues – muscles, ligaments, tendons and organs hold them in a way you move slowly and feel pain in joint and muscles in different parts of your body, Amatsu is great in this situation, because it is different; it works on balancing your full body using soft tissues, which then normally allows to realign yourself. This is one of the benefits of Amatsu Massage therapy. Therefore, the long time Amatsu massage you take the long improvement you see to your health as well as posture. The number of balances you need depends on your nature of illness. The greater number of people find regular balances effective in maintaining good health.

People Feel Good After Amatsu Massage

During the Amatsu massage session, the common layers of pain/injuries or illnesses  peeled away to reach as well as solve the original issue. It is quite hard to say how long it takes to solve, on the number of layers and the causes of the original issue. Everyone feels different after a balance. It is not easy to feel the real improvement straight away, though most of the people feel the change after a few Amatsu sessions, over the next few days, and many of them agree the benefits of Amatsu Massage Therapy. They feel very relaxed after the balance.

Amatsu is one of the far-reaching therapies that normally looks at and re-balance your body as a whole. Amatsu uses different types of skills to balance the tensegrity of the body, including push and pull, gentle massage therapy, normal joint realignment, visceral management and reciprocal cranial to sacrum balancing. These types of techniques are used in different combinations to suit you need.

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