Stop Avoiding Yoga Because Of These Myths and Start Doing It Now


Mostly people think of yoga to be complex poses, standing on hands, and people with calm and relaxed faces sitting on their mats. But that is not the reality of yoga, this is the stereotypical image that you have of it in your mind. It is not wise to stay away from it just because of what people say or what you think of the yoga. For more than one reason people enjoy yoga like it increases their body strength, improves balance, mobility, flexibility etc. But on the inverse side of this picture people also fear it. Over the time you might have heard numerous misconceptions about it.


You can become the addition to a list of people that enjoy yoga and it helps them with fitness, martial arts, sports, and daily life. Being an expert, having flexibility, and knowing different is not necessary to start doing yoga. You will see the benefits of practicing yoga regularly on your body and mind. Just like any exercise or workout you should not be expecting results instantly and continue to work on it. Plus, yoga is not all about breaking sweat, doing complex poses, or perfecting breathing.

So, today we are here to enlighten you with the yoga myths so you can stop avoiding it and try for once. Ladies and gentlemen please get your workout clothes and get ready. If you don’t have a pair, then go buy from Born Tough. Read on and you will be surprised to know how it can benefit and fit into your life.

Flexibility is a prerequisite

One of the fears that people have regarding yoga is flexibility. Thinking that your body is not flexible enough to do yoga is completely wrong. The reality is completely opposite of what you think. If you feel or think that your body is not flexible enough, then you have all the more reason to do yoga. Why, because it helps make you flexible. One of the reasons why people do yoga is to convert their stiff body into a flexible one.

Having a flexible body puts you off the risk of getting injured, doing a workout or sports etc. Learning to do different yoga positions starting from a beginner position, the body adapts to flexibility. On the other hand, if you are the opposite, i.e. have a very flexible body or have hyper-mobility, then yoga can help you too. What you should focus on is having a good and professional yoga teacher who knows how to work with you. Yoga will then help you strengthen your joints and keep them mobile. But if you start on your own you might end up hurting yourself accidentally instead.

Remember, the goal is not to put your body into twisted and complex positions, but instead learning yoga’s physicality, that is also called asana, and adapting to it gradually.


Yoga is not a good workout

If you are not doing yoga because you think it cannot give you the level of physical activity, then maybe you are enrolled or taking the wrong yoga class. There are all different types of yoga classes out there. There is one for you all you have to do is search for it. It can get a little tricky or hectic with more options, but it will be worth it.

Other options you can go for is talking to your yoga instructor. Most of the time they will be more than happy to amp up the intensity. Or they can tell you a class that is suitable for you. You can throw some pushups, planks and other exercises into your yoga workout to get the sweat you are looking for. Not satisfied still? You can alter your workout plan to do weight training 4 or  times a week and spend the rest days doing yoga. What are you waiting for? There are a lot of options. All you have to do is get your workout clothes and get started.

Yoga is not good with injuries or pain

There are many types of yoga, from light and easy poses that will help you with the pain to more complex ones that help strengthen the body. If you are talking about doing complex yoga poses with chronic pain or injury, then of course it is not a good idea. But doing light yoga that will help you with the pain is of course recommended. Just make sure to talk to your instructor and do the poses that are best for you depend on your health and if you have an injury.

It’s just some people

One of the biggest myths is that yoga is for some specific people. Mostly people have created these themselves as a get away. You might have heard that yoga is just for slim people, for women, for young people, those who are fit already, or those who don’t want to workout. Either of these is not true. It is beneficial for people of all ages and gender regardless if they work out or not.

Of course, if you do weight training or other types of physical activity, your fitness level would be higher than people who don’t. There is always a way for people to enjoy and do yoga safely. So it is time to put these stereotypes aside and start with it.

Expensive clothes and gear is must

Yoga is not expensive at all, like you don’t need the expensive gear, apparel, mats, or even go outside the house to do it. But going out and getting close to nature makes a good nature to human connection. On top of that there are plenty of ways to do yoga without paying costly memberships. You can start doing it on a mat or rug you have in your home wearing comfortable or workout clothes you already have. Follow an online class or get some mobile apps or maybe even a book teaching how to do different poses. If you do a little research you might find places that allow access to affordable yoga.


Yoga is just some crazy poses

Yoga is definitely not just some crazy poses, however some of the poses are a little out  of ordinary and complex. It is not just about being able to hold your body in different positions balanced on hands. Yoga is to help you be calm, connect with your mind, get relaxed, forget the worries, it helps you think better, wick away stress and anxiety, let the body be more flexible, strengthens the joints, prevents injuries, and helps with recovery.

There are many cool things about yoga that will boost your motivation. Do not follow other people and believe in whatever you listen to. Try it for once, make it a part of your workout plan, or do it on rest days and you will definitely benefit from it. If you don’t have enough time, still it is not a problem. 10-15 minutes after workout are just enough otherwise you can do 30-60 minutes session each rest day.

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