Running and Yoga: 5 Reasons Yoga is great for Runners

Yoga for runners

If you consider yourself to be a religious jogger, looking to find inspiration for taking up yoga for an enhanced active life, then there are 101 ways or reasons behind why you definitely should incorporate yoga into your life alongside jogging for increased health benefits.

Mentioned below are just several pointers on why and how yoga can benefit active joggers on a daily basis:

Yoga will Enhance Your Alignment – Yoga for Runners

As a runner, it is essential for one to be excellent with keeping an optimal balance as well as a perfect alignment over the body. Yoga for runners is great. Constant jogging or workout on a daily basis with the incorrect posture can lead to some serious issues such as joint pains, back pains and even in severe cases where such issues are left ignored, can lead to dire consequences such as not being able to walk again.

Incorporating yoga within your daily routine even if you start off within practicing the basics once a week, can help you with gaining an enhanced balance and control over both legs; therefore, significantly help out with staying injury-free during your long runs.

Why Yoga for Runners?

  • Enhanced Stamina

Although jogging, as well as yoga, may be considered as two completely different activities; yet, at the very same time, it is necessary also to consider the fact that yoga helps out with consistency at breathing.

Since constant running can often lead to you being out of breath, a more dominant control taught with the help of Yoga can always help out with ensuring that even while running, a smooth breathing cycle is taking place for increased comfort.

  • Increased Flexibility

One of the main reasons behind why you may lag behind as a runner over an eventual course of continuous running may be because of tense muscles, tension trapped within or even stiffness caused by the muscles.

Yoga with the help of stretching your muscles in a precisely prescribed manner can not only lead to an enhanced level of flexibility but also work towards efficiently loosening muscles allowing them to be more strengthened with running for more extended time periods.

Yoga for runners
Yoga for runners
  • Higher Body Awareness

Proprioception is among the many components that yoga helps with incorporating within the body primarily at a psychological level. For runners or those that enjoy frequent jogging sessions in specific, it can help with knowing how and where to land the feet, or for far to swing the arms for optimal efficiency of the body.

Getting more in aligned with the body can result in ensuring that a better body posture is integrated while carrying out your daily running sessions.

  • Enhancing Mental Capabilities

When trying to flawlessly pull off complicated yoga postures that require not only the sheer physical strength but also optimal concentration, such as the crow-pose or a tree-pose, the psychological barriers of an individual are put to the test.

With learning to carry out the most intricate of yoga postures while incorporating the correct breathing techniques, core components like the stamina as well as the ability to push against physical as well as psychological boundaries are enhanced.

An enhanced stamina can then be better utilized for more extended continuous running periods during your jogs.

  • Yoga for Runners

Yoga and running together should therefore be effectively incorporated into the daily routine for not only improving your running experience but also overall enhancing the well-being of the body.

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Wesley is aprofessional engineer and runner.  He graduated from the University of Florida with the degree, Master of Engineering.  He currently practices engineering all over the United States where he has also been able to participate in a myriad of running events like trail runs, triathlons, and half-marathons (no full marathon…yet!).  His real passion is just being outdoors. Read his latest post on Useful Running Backpacks.

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